Friday, August 4, 2017

Just Finished Feeding

I read the entire Psalm 119 this morning
And I came away from the reading with thoughts churning.

So, I sought my God in sincere prayer
And a welcoming solace is what I found there.

I just finished feeding at my Father's throne 
And my hope, intellect, and joy have grown.

It is good to be invited to sup at the Lord's table
For you will leave the repast knowing and telling that He is able
And that you are His child and are proud to wear the label
Of a little nobody from Memphis, Tennessee
In whom the God of heaven saw caring willingness aplenty
And is using that love to bless mankind and their posterity.

Good morning. This poem started as I was talking with the Lord at the beginning of my day. I hope that it blesses you in yours.
At this point in the day, I just simply need to say, "Thank You, Lord, for allowing me to get this posted finally." I did hear that others were having problems with their computers too. That, at least, is something.
Don't know what is going on with the
Computers these last couple of days
But you can rest assured, the inconvenience
Will not stop my blogging ways
In telling all who will listen about the
Unparalleled love of the Lord
That shelters us, His children as
We find our path through life's
Sometimes intricate maze.

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