Friday, September 22, 2017

Person of Faith

Good morning. Today is the day that I told you that I would provide answers to questions posed to you this week in Poetry Pondering and Points to Ponder. So, let's get right to it, shall we?

On Monday, September 18 we had questions from “Poetry Pondering.” I have listed the questions again for you for your convenience. The answers are provided in a different color immediately following each question. The answers that I provide may or may not correspond with the ones that you came up with. But, that is the beauty of poetry, it allows for individual interpretation and/or expression.
1.              What ties the poems together into a cohesive group? Explain. The poems are tied together in a cohesive group under the theme of Fall or Autumn things.
2.              What feeling is evoked in the second poem? Explain.  Fear is evoked because the speaker clearly suffers from arachnophobia (fear of spiders). The third poem? Explain. Joy, awe, and wonder are expressed in this poem because the speaker loves looking at the various colors of the leaves. The speaker thinks about the Lord each time he/she beholds his handiwork through the Fall colors. Additionally, there seems to be a feeling of assurance given to the speaker concerning the power that men wield.
3.              What is the status of the speaker in the last poem? Explain. The speaker is in a state of learned contentment knowing that the Lord always takes care of His own.
4.              Two of the poems above display a change of perception. Which two are they and expound upon the perception change. Time does not apparently move as slowly as the speaker once thought. The kitchen, a place where the speaker loved to spend time, has become a place of remembered terror and its peaceful atmosphere has been erased.
5.              Write appropriate titles for each poem and give your rationale for the title you give to each poem. First poem title – “Time, Why?” was chosen for this poem because apparently, the process of time is something that the speaker had given thought to down through the years. Second poem – Shiny Black Monster was chosen for this poem because apparently the spider spoken of was horrendously huge and shiny. Third poem – Tableau Painter was chosen as a point of awe and reverent recognition to the Lord for His magnificent handiwork in the coloring of the trees. Last poem – Whatever Time was chosen for this poem because the speaker seems to have learned that basic needs would always be met whether in a season of plenty or of scarcity.

On Wednesday, September 20, we had questions from “Points to Ponder.”
1.              Is the article appropriately titled? Why or why not? Yes, it is appropriately titled because the reference is made to the speaker not knowing why he/she was driven to buy a journal. The speaker seems to be in awe of the fact that the Lord was working His purpose all along in his/her life.
2.              Why is there one line in bold print? This line is highlighted because apparently, the speaker believes that there are blessings to be gathered soon from the prior activity.
3.              Why is a portion of the line in bold print highlighted? Any significance to the color? What? Season of blessings seems to be highlighted because apparently, the speaker believes that there is a season of plenty such as has never been known coming his/her way. The green highlighting might indicate the speaker’s belief that the Creator of all things “Keeps things rolling along as long as grass grows green from season to season.”

On Thursday, September 21, we had questions from “Poetry Points to Ponder.”
1.     What is the theme of this poem? The theme is victory.
2.     Give it an appropriate title. Explain your choice. “Needn’t Have Worried,” is the title that I would choose for this poem. I would choose this title because the speaker has led us through her time of mountain climbing and valley scaling to a conclusion of victory.

3.     Do you think that life has been easy for the speaker in the poem? Substantiate. This speaker has had some ups and downs in life just as most people have. The speaker has determined that things will ebb and flow, as always, but that the Lord will provide. The speaker seems to have an intuitive belief that magnanimous blessings are headed his/her way.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

Thursday, September 21, 2017

With Hopeful Wonder

Good morning! A glorious day it is. We woke up. God is good. Before I go further with the blog for the day, I do want to thank you for your generous approval of the poem that I posted yesterday. Your generosity is humbling and exhilarating at the same time. Now your poem for the day.

With wonder, I look back upon
The path that was laid out for me
And see that every crook and turn
That I traversed was a crook and
A turn that was meant to be.

I stand where I am and peruse
The path over which I have trod
And give grateful praise to my God
Who has given me strength to
Follow the path ordained for me
As I turn forward and continue on my journey.

Full of determination and of hope
And knowing from my past that whatever
Situations should arise, they will be
Situations with which I can cope.

You see, shouting time is on its way
For this little nobody who loves her Lord
Blessings are forthcoming, folks and
Their arrival is heralded by precursors
Of joy, hope and gladness to let
Me know that the cavalry has been victorious
And celebrations are in order, for the day
Of victorious deliverance has come
And happiness galore has been won.

Poetry Points to Ponder
1.     What is the theme of this poem?
2.     Give it an appropriate title. Explain your choice.

3.     Do you think that life has been easy for the speaker in the poem? Substantiate.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones (Grammy Alma)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Who Knew?

Good morning. I was thinking back to 2011 when I  started on what would be a writing journey for me. This, as I look back, was one of those pivotal points that I talked about in my life that I can see clearly now. Read the poem, and then I will finish this blog for today with a sentence or two.

Life has so many twists and turns
It seems there is ever a lesson that
Must be learned
Case in point, this book in which I am writing
Is from a store that I didn’t’ even find inviting.

But the family wanted to go into the bookstore
And as I was along for the ride…
I had planned to wait in the car but
The heat soon drove me inside, so
With a sour attitude, I was aimlessly perusing the aisles
When I saw this book on the shelf 
With a unique covering style.

The covering looked like leather that
Looked to be soothing to the touch
So curious, I rubbed my hand over the
Jacket, not expecting much.

The cover was so soft and smooth
And attached to a spongy back
That I never even considered leaving
The book on the rack.

When I opened to the pages, and they felt like silk
I wondered how writing in it would feel…
I picked up some more journals to see if
There were others with pages of the same ilk.

There were not. So, to me, this journal was special
Didn’t know what it was about the book
That made me itch to own it
But obtaining that log was a process I undertook!

All in all, I bought the book, and it is a part of me
And now I am writing a poem from it
For all the world to see.

Who knew that when I went to the bookstore
With a sour attitude
That I would find a treasure within
That would affect a change of such magnitude?

Now, all because of a smooth paged journal, I
Watch the world through a different view

Well, tell me something…who knew, did you?

As you can see from reading the poem, I had no intention of getting a journal nor of writing in one. As a matter of fact, I had no intention of even entering the bookstore. Bookstores were a haunt of my daughter's not me. 
  • Going into the store led to my buying a journal
  • which led to my writing things in it
  • which led to poetry being drawn from the pages
  • which led to several poetry books being penned
  • which led to a ladies inspiration book, Chopping My Row
  • which is leading me to a season of blessings.
Only God knew! Wow, He works things out according to His will, even with us pulling back and squawking all of the way. I am thankful that He is faithful and does not give up on me, but molds and prods me as I need it.

Points to Ponder
  1. Is the article appropriately titled? Why or why not?
  2. Why is there one line in bold print?
  3. Why is a portion of the line in bold print highlighted? Any significance to the color? What?
(Answers presented on Friday.)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My Time

Good morning! It is harvest time soon 
And a plentiful yield it will be
If you don't believe me 
Just you wait and see

Have been traveling a long while
Sometimes with a frown and 
Sometimes with a smile.

But always filled with a hope
That refused to die
No matter what the seasons
And the years would betide
No matter the tears that fell
From my weary eyes.

Hope kept languishing upon my brow
Until no truer words could be spoken
"It is my time now."


The days of listening to naysayers 
Are all done and gone
For she has broken out of her shell
And her true colors have shown.

Knew she had it in her all of the time
She just had to have her confidence built
And  now she walks with assurance
Because it has been decreed that
"To blossom and shine, this is her time."

"Now mind you, meddle not with her
For I told you long ago that she was mine
She has been faithful in serving me 
No matter what came her way
Hats off to My servant, Alma
Her season of blessings begins today."

Thank You, Father, for allowing your favor to rest on me.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones (Grammy Alma)

Answers to yesterday's Poetry Pondering will be supplied at the end of the week to provide ample time for those who choose to send me answers to the questions posed.

Monday, September 18, 2017

This Time of the Year

Good morning! I thought that I would give your brain a good wake-up call this Monday morning with some poetry. Would love to hear from you. I am going to be undergoing some changes here on my blog. I will keep you posted and hopefully won't lose any of you in the transformation. More later.

Fall is creeping upon us
And I find myself wondering
Where all of the days have gone
It was just April last month it seems
Now, all of the days have flown.

I suppose it comes from having 
 A slip of paper,  your head bent toward
Or from pounding out volumes of work 
On your computer keyboard.

Still, it means that several hours and
Minutes have managed to pass me by
And all I can do is wonder how and why
Time has chosen this period of my life to fly
When, as a child the hours, days and months
Would crawl like snails or molasses by.


Found a gigantic black spider in my sink yesterday
And I opened my mouth and screamed
With volume enough that it brought my 
Husband, with his sore knee, running
The spider just sat there for me and all to see
In all of his shiny black horrid cunning.

But when my husband moved my dishpan
He must have felt danger on his horizon
Because when my husband looked back at him
He was nowhere to be found and I
Started shrieking again because there was now 
An arachnid hidden in my domain
And I don't suppose I will ever look at 
That kitchen as a haven of peace again 
For the image of that shiny horrid black spider remains 
Forever seared across my brain.

Later, I thought to myself, when 
Lucid thought had returned
You never take your eyes off of a spider
Because they seem to glide like they are rolling
Along on currents of swift-moving air
And before you know what they are about
They have absconded to places you know not where.

That spider owns my kitchen now 
And I can not get it back
Not until I lay, with a heavy hand, the
Flat of my trusty flyswat across his back
And break his bones or cartilage with 
A resounding and heartfelt WHACK!


Leaves are starting to fall, and I am
Looking forward to a drive through
The hilly, wooded area a few miles from my house
So that I can bask in the wonder and glory 
Of the powerful God that we serve
Who by His omnipotent hand
Paints this tableau across the land
Season after season thus reminding me
In the process, that there is a Power that is higher
Than the mightiest of men and of powers
And He is Lord of All in His majestic splendor.


Have know times of scarcity
Have known times of plenty
But I have a loving Father
Who has always taken care of me.


Poetry Pondering

  1. What ties the poems together into a cohesive group? Explain.
  2. What feeling is evoked in the second poem? Explain. The third poem? Explain.
  3. What is the status of the speaker in the last poem? Explain.
  4. Two of the poems above display a change of perception. Which two are they and expound upon the perception change.
  5. Write appropriate titles for each poem and give your rationale for the title you give to each poem.
Doing What I CAn, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones (Grammy Alma)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Woke Up this Morning

I woke up this morning with the sniffles, but I woke up. I went to my monthly writers' meeting yesterday and the room that we met in was freezing. I was shivering the whole time. Brr-rr-r!
So, I was not surprised this morning to wake up with the sniffles. Oh well, honey and lemon and chicken noodle soup should do the job. I am getting ready to prepare some of my potato soup and cornbread for dinner for delivery to elderly an evangelist. This is a little something that I can do.

I was gifted life again this morning
And I want to use well this new day
I want to do better the things that
I attempted or thought about on yesterday.

About the long past of mine that trails
Behind me far and wide, there is nothing
That I can do except to ask forgiveness
For my wrongs and work on making better strides
Toward getting to my new abode on the other side.

I have been gifted another rising of the sun
And I want to make my Lord proud, at
The end of the day, of the things that I have done.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones (Grammy Alma)

Thought to Remember: 
  1. God sees; He knows and He cares! Remember Romans 8:31, "If God be for us, then who or what can be against us?"
  2. This Sunday morning let your heart be not troubled and burdened down with care. Go to worship today and leave your cares and concerns there.
  3. Worry less and pray more!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

You Raised Me Up

Good morning to each of you. This morning, I feel the need to acknowledge my Father because of all that He has done in my life and is doing. Think back through your life about all of your ups and downs and victories and misses. Then think about where you are in contentment in your life today. Then give Him praise.
     Lord, it is Alma L. Jones, known to some as "Grammy Alma." You shepherded me through my childhood days of losing my daddy by making me realize that You loved me. You showed me in innumerable ways that You watched over me. When my clothes weren't up to par, You were there to wrap me in the arms of Your love by telling me, "One day." When my classmates belittled me and called me names because I did not live in the best area in town, You gave me hope in my future. You had me to know that one day, You would raise me above the inconsequential chatter of those classmates. You had me to know that, though the world looked upon me as a nobody, You looked upon me with lovingkindness. You made this little nobody feel cherished enough that I could stand in front of the class and recite whatever it was that the teacher had assigned to us. You made people look past the trappings of my ragged clothes, past the area of town that I lived in, past the fact that I did not have a daddy in the house, past the fact that grass grew knee high in the summertime in our yard in the middle of the city of Memphis, past the fact that my clothes smelled like charcoal and paper in the wintertime because we had no lights, gas, and water in the house, past the fact that I had to haul water from my aunt's house in canisters, to see the little soul nestled within those trappings. You wrapped me in the cloak of, "That's okay because you will have these things and more one day."
     You raised me up past where men would have me stay and put me in a place where I could work for You. Now, I work from the mountain of perseverance and faith. You gave me that, Father and I thank You. For all that You have done for me, the blessings, the lessons, the care packages, the high school guidance counselor who saw something in me that she liked and other benefactors, I humbly thank You. Now, it is my time to tell the world about the God that I serve as I shine from the top of my mountain. All of the glory belongs to You, O God. In the name of Jesus, I thank You and acknowledge You for the God that you are, Amen.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones (Grammy Alma)