Friday, July 28, 2017

Moving On

"I am moving on because I am moving home." Those are some sobering words, but they are true nonetheless. Let us live each day of our lives like it may be our last. When the time has come for me to go, I want to know that I have left some good things in the legacy that I will leave behind, though I will be on my way to peaceful rest and joy sublime. Folks, that is the reason that you see me do what I do. I know that I have a greater reward just waiting for me if I just press on. However...


Just because you don't have daily
Contact with me
Does not mean that I cease to be
When new posts from me or blog
Entries you no longer see
Then my having stepped passed the gate of time
Into the realm of immortality
Is a definite possibility
But one thing about it
I will have left my (books) God's love mark
At the threshold of humanity.

God loves me, and because He does, I can love you, for He is love. 

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because He Cares,
Alma L, Stepping On Jones

"Shouting God's love for mankind from the tallest mountain in my world."

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