Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mirror, Mirror

Good morning to each of you.
     I slept in this morning so I am a little late posting for you, and I do apologize. How are you faring this fine Thursday morning? It promises to be another hot day in my area of the world, but a day that the Lord has made, nonetheless. No matter what the weather is like where you live, if you woke up this morning, that means that your time journey is not over yet. It means that there must be something for you to do yet. So, let's determine that we are going to give our best in service today. I want you to look in the mirror and think:

"Mirror, mirror on the wall
My life is not about me at all
I must remember that what I do
Or how I react might cause another
Soul to stand or cause them to fall.

Dear mirror, I must remember that
Other mirrors are watching me
And that I must give them 
Something positive to see 
As I build their faith in the love
Of the God Who crafted land, sea, and me.

     That might mean giving a smile to that neighbor down the hall, who seems to live to hate you, no matter what you do; it might mean greeting that coworker with an agreeable nod or smile that you know does not like you; it might mean smiling at a homeless person and dropping a few coins in their can; it might mean volunteering at the nursing home a few days a month; it might mean being cordial to that person who has proven to be your sworn enemy though you have never done anything to them. Oh, going the extra mile might mean any number of things but, what I want you to do today is to put a positive spin on whatever comes your way. If it is bad, I want you to say, "God sees, knows and cares," and I want you to keep stepping. If it is good, remember to thank Him, both in prayer and by the smile that shines through your eyes and lights up your face.
     If you do those things that I suggested, among others, you will be giving Him glory. You know why? People tend to look at what is happening in your life and judge your faith according to your reaction. If you constantly react in an assured and positive manner, when most folks would fall to pieces, that gets people's attention. Always remember that any reaction out of the ordinary gets people's attention. And when you do that, you will be building someone else's faith by your daily life happenings.
     Here is something else for you to ponder on this morning. I know that you realize that the Lord's eyes are always over the rightrous. (I have given you that scripture time and time again. Can you cite where it is found? No? Then look it up. It might stick with you longer.) Ipe! Ipe! Ipe! No complaining. Remember we are being positive today. Uh, hmm-m, and have you ever thought that you might do something to cause the Lord to take a second look at your situation because of your faith and dedication to Him? Think about it. He might look at you again and again and again to the extent that He takes notice of you enough that He brags on you to someone else. You think that is not possible or probable? Think again, my friend. Remember Job? Uhm hmm-m. And remember this; if the Lord has taken particular note of you for whatever reason, do all in your power to make Him glad to be your Friend. Think about it. You have the Maker of all creation taking a second or prolonged look at you. This is your time to shine because He is gracious to those that are faithful to Him. Do you think that you can get a better friend than God, Himself? I thought not...

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I have to look past the reflection that I see
And realize that this life of mine
Is not all about just me
For I travel with weight heavy
I carry other souls with me
On my journey through this 
Land of time en route to eternity.

Blog P. S. - I told you recently about the love that the Lord crafted into our lives by giving us automatic feel good hormones. On yesterday, I tried to present a lighter side of life here on earth to show you that you can build endorphins in the most ordinary circumstances as you go about your daily life. Another way to build endorphins is to be nice and kind to people (today's blog piece)). And, as always there is exercising and singing. I have had a song on my lips most days that I have been privileged to grace this time side of life. Ah, enjoying my life as I build endorphins for myself and for my fellowman who travels with me to the land beyond.

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