Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Just Like the Bunny

I am a kept child who Keeps on keeping on...
I will always remember the fact that God snatched me back from the certain jaws of death when, at 7 years old, I stuck a pin in a socket. I dont know what He kept me around for but I do know that if the great I Am stepped into a situation and said, "No, no, leave her be, there is some work that she will do for me." (This thought is fully covered in my soon to be published book, Chopping My Row. I tell folk, when I am doing speaking engagements thatI dont know what He kept me around for but I know that He did. And because I dont know what He kept me around for, I have to give my living my all.

He died that I might live before I was given life and He kept me alive so that for Him I could live. During my living when folk and situations didn't turn out the way that I thought that they would, God kept me and He's keeping me still. When disappointment threatened to take me down, God kept me and is keeping me still. When diabetes invaded my body, He kept me and is keeping me still. When I thought that I was in the know in a given situation and it turned out that I was on the outside and didn't know anything, He kept me and is keeping me still. 
  • He kept me when folk wanted to do me in or harm me just because I got a new pair of 👠 or when I was blessed with 🚗. 
  • He kept me when I was pushed into doing ladies days by the congregation where we were and folk became jealous because I seemed to do it without effort. They didn't know the hours of studying and prayer that went into the preparation each lesson, nor did they care. 
  • He kept me when I published my first 📚 and on through the other 📚 that I have been blessed to publish, though the naysayers said I couldn't do it.

He Kept Me

Finally,  I have learned through the years 

To do just like Joseph did and let God have 
Control in all my situations for He kept me around to do His will 
And He is keeping this child of His, still.

Examples exceed higher and go further than words you actually say, and that is why you will hear this "kept one" say, "Since I talk the talk, I must walk the walk."

I am just like the battery bunny, I keep going and going and going and...

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because He Kept Me,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

P. S. - And He will keep you, too if you are His.💚

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