Monday, July 17, 2017

Don't Cry, Sweetie

     You've been crying/worrying again... Listen, sweetie. I don't want you to cry/worry, and I know that you are, for your fears and your tears have reached to, even me, on the other side of the globe. Think about this, will you? If your tears and fears have reached to me on the other side of the globe, then what about Him, Who views the whole globe? Hmm, hmm-m?
     Whatever has you fearful, give it to God. Worrying never solved any problem, but giving the worry or fear to the Lord solves all problems. I remember old Goliath's threatening, posturing, and taunting when he confronted the Israelites, thereby causing them fear, much like some people do today. However, having military, economic or personal might does not the battle winner determine, as can be seen in Goliath's downfall, in Pharaoh's downfall and in many other instances in the Bible. It can be seen and is noted that it is the Creator's power working behind the scenes to create events that did and will go down in the annals of history, never to be forgotten. That is the kind of God that we serve, y'all!
     Whatever has you crying and teary eyed quite a bit of the time, give it to God, precious one just like a child hands a favorite toy that has been broken to his parent to fix. That child has all of the trust in that parent to make that toy right again. You do the same and leave your burden with the Lord and do not pick it back up and feel the sweet relief that He will afford you. He will dry your tears for you. Though the problem or situation may not be resolved right then, you will find that He gives you the fortitude to carry on with your work for Him in spite of it. Then you will realize that the problem or situation, though still present in your life,  does not make you cry anymore and that it hurts so much less, and eventually, not at all!

     You just keep praying and making known your requests to the Father. It does not matter how advanced a particular technology is; it just matters that God Is! You see, it looks like, with all of the superior horse and chariot power that Pharaoh wielded that his army would have prevailed, doesn't it? Uhm, hmm-m, but that is reckoning without the Creator doing His "Godstuff." I am going to say this again, "You stop worrying and start praying," and you will see that, through it all, everything will be alright. Even if you have to cry sometimes, it will still be alright because when the tears are over, and you have been relieved, it will be rejoicing time then. And rejoicing time always comes for God's faithful children!
     Pray, sweetie, pray...

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because  Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

Y'all, bow with me, please.
Father, We come acknowledging You for Your loving kindness, Your justice, and Your righteousness and we thank You for them. We love You and have tried to tell the world that we do, but some of us have faint hearts, teary eyes and/or heavy burdens right now. Father and Lord of all Creation, please alleviate all of the fears, and faint hearts and dry the tears of these my blog readers who are troubled in spirit and soul-weary. Give them your sweet peace that surpasseth all understanding like You have done for so many of Your children before. Please make them see Your care for them in the simple beauty of nature that you have surrounded them with. Renew their spirit and determination and endow them with a spirit of tenacity and reassurance.
In the name of Jesus, we pray, Amen.
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