Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Here I Am, Lord

Good morning to each of you! How are you this morning? I hope, well. Me? I am "peachy keen!" That is an old colloquial way of saying that I am just fine, in fact, could hardly be better! Take a look at this picture and see if I don't look like I am feeling "peachy keen."

 I posted these pictures on my Facebook page on yesterday, so I wanted to share them with you, as well. This book is proving to be a great blessing to me because I have been asked to do two of the lessons that are in it for Ladies' Days, one in Lexington at the Madison St. congregation on the 19 of August and one on September 9, at Old Fulton Road, my home congregation, in Martin, Tennessee. When I did devotionals from two lessons in this book, several people asked me to be sure and let them know when this book was available because they wanted to purchase it!

I am late posting for you this morning because I had a few technological difficulties. You know me and computer stuff. Take me away from my keyboard, and I am as lost as a goose until I find my new bearings. Tee hee Seriously, I did want to include the covering for the back of my book for you. This book will be available soon. It is already in the final proof stages, and it will go to print as soon as I hit the approve button, which will be as soon as I finish this blog piece for you. I am so excited, thrilled and happily blessed that another one of my babies (books) will have gone to press.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones 

P. S. - I named this blog piece, "Here I Am, Lord," because I told the Lord a long time ago and some of you will remember it, that if I had the opportunity to, I would shout His love for mankind from the tallest mountain in my world. This blog, these books of mine and my motivational speaking engagements all shout to the world the encouraging news and reminders of His love for us. That is why I say, Here I Am Lord; it is my way of saying, I told You, Father that I love You so much that I am not ashamed to tell the world about it. And so I have and will continue to do so as long as He allows me to work for Him. Y'all may not understand me, but I am like Jeremiah, "It is like fire shut up in my bones," and I can't help but talk it and walk it out! I'm talking the talk so I "'Gotta' walk the walk."
     Y'all be blessed.
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