Saturday, July 8, 2017

By His Will

Hi, there. Just fixing myself a spot of tea. Be right back to you in a few minutes, okay?...
      I have had my spot of tea, and I am back. But before I had my tea, I had my time with Jesus, so I am ready now. And while I was talking to Him, I thanked Him for His saving grace and blessings. I asked for forgiveness of my sins. And then I acknowledged my dependence on Him as I made my request known. I told Him that I realized that by His will I had traveled to where I am now, traveled to where I had more than the one dress and one pair of shoes that I started my college days with; traveled to where I did not have an icebox that you had to put ice in to keep things cold but to have a refrigerator at both ends of the house; traveled to where I have central heat and a convection oven instead of a charcoal bucket for heat and for the preparation of food; traveled to where instead of having to use the "2 Walker bus" there is a four-wheeled automobile in the garage, traveled to where there was not grass growing knee high in the yard because a riding mower keeps it cut.
     Yes, y'all, I talked to my Father this morning as I do every morning, Yet this morning, I spent more time with Him, and I want to tell you that I came away satisfied. You see, I was burdened when I went to Him, but now I have relief. As I talked to Him, I realized that I have what I have and have come where I have come, by His will. I understood that His will has been propelling me all of my life, that it didn't just start now, that I realize and recognize that He is.
     Y'all, I had me an inspiring, good time while praising Him for His will. I told Him that I knew that by His will, mountains had been moved and storms had been stilled.  I made the acknowledgment to the Lord that in His will, I place my trust. That means that since, by His will,  I have come thus far and I like the outcome, then by His will I am willing to be led and I trust in the ultimate outcome of it in my present situation, as well.

I have included a poem that I penned a year ago in our blog for this session. I pray that it blesses you and yours.

Guiding Hand
When youth allowed me to skip with alacrity
You were there watching me as I, with glee
Noticed all the things there were for me to see.

You pulled me back from things that I didn't need
And shook me with gentleness when wayward I would be
You allowed me to appease my curiosity
While lessons of insight, you did me feed.

Like the beneficent Father that you are
You guided this little one on toward the
Place that You had determined I would be
With gentle hands, oh God, who formed me.

There is that within me that yearns to get out
The praise that you deserve so much
For the omniscience that is You, Lord
Whose hands guide me with Your gentle touch.

Supped from the table prepared by Your hand
Great Father, God, Savior of man
Thank You for allowing the girl I used to be 
To have grown into a lady who, with insight, can stand
To gaze into Your glory, oh God of my homeland
And work as I wait to be gathered back again.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Ama L. Stepping On Jones

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