Friday, June 16, 2017

With Love

Good morning, folks.
     I am working on getting back into my morning writing ritual. My rhythm is off a little because of my changing it a bit to accommodate the morning waking habit of a lady that I roomed with. But, I am getting reacclimatized.  I have come back from the retreat newly energized. If the Lord wills, I am going to publish a total of three books this year. No, I do not write that fast; it's just that I have that many unfinished ones on my desk. (tee hee)
     I am giving you a brief summary of one of the devotionals that I did for the writers at the retreat while simultaneously answering the questions that I posed to you yesterday.

Brief Summary Points

  1. Paraphrasing here, "The Lord set boundaries on the sea and would not allow it to go any further." (Psalm 104:9 and Job 38:10-11 KJV) This means that because the Lord cherishes man, He holds the water at bay and will not allow it to cover the earth again. I'm glad that He loves me, yall.
  2. "All that he has is in your hand, but don't you kill him." (Job 1:12 and Job 2:6 KJV) I'm telling you, folks those are some powerful words any way you look at them. Those words are powerful words of limitation on the adversary and they are powerful words of assurance to me. That tells me that if I am the Lord's child, then He sets limits upon how much can be done to me by the adversary. That tells me that, even if I have to cry some of the time, to hold on to my faith in Him because He sees,  He knows, and He cares. That gives me the strength to keep Stepping On, y'all.  I'm so glad that He guards me with love.
  3. Did you know or had you realized of late that the Lord has placed within us feel good hormones that are activated under certain conditions to help sustain us? Did you know that when you sing you release endorphins (feel good hormones); when you think hard and ponder over a puzzle trying to figure it out (the same); when you exercise (the same); and when you pay someone a compliment (with this activity you produce endorphins within yourself and in someone else). I am so glad that He created me with and sustains me with His love.
  4. Romans 8:31  says, "If the Lord is for us, then who or what can be against us?" That tells me that because I am His child who is holding on to my faith, though it is mustard seed size, that that Lord covers me with His blood and love. I told you on an earlier blog of mine that I am Wrapped Up, Tied Up and Tangled Up in His love and I am glad about it!
     If  I stay faithful to Him, He will take care of me forevermore...forevermore! I am going home one day, folks. And when I get there, I am going to skip like I used to do, if I have something to skip with. If they let me, I am going to just skip once around my Father's throne while singing praises to Him. And I know that I won't be alone with my skipping when I get there. If they let me skip more than once around the throne, then I am going to do that. I am going to skip and skip and skip and I won't get tired. Hallelujah, precious ones, if we just hang on we will be gathered back with love. What a time, a wonderful, a glorious time it twill be! 
     I am going to go somewhere and belt out a song of praise to my Father, my God, and my Friend.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

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