Saturday, June 17, 2017

Here I Am, Lord

Good morning, loved ones of the Lord. I hope that things are going well in your life. Today is a new day that we are blessed to see. And though we don't know what it will bring to be, we do know that we rest assured in the God of ultimately. The rain, when it falls, showers me and the rivers continue their journey down to the sea. The grass sprouts its seasonal green and the continuation of all these things mean that God is still in control. We have been given a gift of assurance so that we can walk on while doing His will until the day that we can say, "Here I Am, Lord."

Here I am, Lord
Battle-scarred, weary with a tear stained face
But jubilant in the fact that I have finished my race.

I have come before Your throne many a time
On my journey to make it here
And the love that I feel and see
Is that same love that sustained me
During my lifetime, year after year. 

Here I am, Lord
With my upturned face
Waiting for Your gentle touch as
My cares, pain, and trouble you erase.

Here I am, Lord
One day...

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

Blog P. S. - Don't forget to begin your day with prayer (BYDWP)
Here is the finished product with the front and back of my book shown.

A tailor-made blessing (care package).

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