Monday, June 26, 2017

The Sustainer of Life

Good Monday morning to each of you.
I am jubilant this fine morning. What am I so jubilant about? Thank you for asking because I was just about to burst at the seams for wanting to tell somebody about it! I am jubilant in my assurance that the Lord yet holds all life in His hands. I am jubilant because I am His child and I know that He loves me and sustains me.
     You know that I have been going to the hospital visiting my brother, right? Well, he had his surgery, accepted his new life situation and seems determined to work with the rehab crew in learning to walk again. He greets me with a smile when I enter his room now. Gone is the morose individual that he was becoming. How did this come about, you might ask. It is no mystery at all. God did it.
     The words in the song below convey our sentiments when the Lord does something of great magnitude in our lives, don't they?  So, the next time that you walk down the corridors of a hospital, or visit the sick anywhere, think about the fact that there is Someone else there that you cannot see. And that Someone is Jesus. The Bible says,  "All sickness is not unto death." (John 11:4 KJV)Such is the case for anyone who is very sick and then they get well.
God did it
Yes, He did
Oh yes He did
I can't thank Him enough
Can't serve Him enough
Can't lift Him too high for men to see... 
In all of life's trials, sickness, etc. learn to lean on Jesus. And when He brings you through, tell somebody. Someone may be needing to hear a word of encouragement that can only come from you.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones
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