Sunday, June 25, 2017

Habits Displayed

Good morning.
Be blessed in your worship and praise today and bless others by your participation.

The Coat I Wear

The coat that you see me wear
Is one that my Lord fashioned
And I wear it with pride and
Displays colors with passion.

The coat that you see me wear
Is one that my Lord made
It tells you something about my life
And the price, for me, He paid.

Romans 9:21–23

For Thought 
1.     Define fashioned and passion in this poem's context.
2.     Expand upon the given scripture with reference to this point.


DEO Volente
(GOD Willing)

Help me to live so that
Through my daily service
The world can, through me, see YOU
And see that the tales of
YOUR lovingkindness are true.

For I am willing to be YOUR pawn
As I travel this road of life
To ease some weary traveler’s load
And to give them rest, encouragement
And a brief respite from strife.

Isaiah 50:4

For Thought 
1.     Tie the given scripture in with the title.

2.     Names other scriptures that would fit, as well.

Quip for this month
Habits displayed, tell the world where your values are laid.
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