Wednesday, June 21, 2017

If the Lord or Don't Feel Like the Lone Ranger

Recently, I did a two-day devotional centered around the old adage that says, "If the Lord brought you to it, He can bring you through it." Then I did the next day's devotional centered around the word, "ultimately." Basically, what those two messages combined meant is that because you are God's child, He knows everything that happens to you and what you are about. The adage mentioned above is an apt one for those times in our lives when heavy loads are thrust upon us unexpectedly.
     This means that when the unexpected comes upon us don't feel like the "Lone Ranger."  We ought not to despair to the point that we fall to pieces. It means that there will be times in our lives that we can barely see the sunshine and times that we will feel overwhelmed. There is no need for me to repeat those two lessons for you today since the lessons themselves are relatively new entries to my blog. But I mentioned all of that to give you consolation and encouragement, should you need it.
     You know that I recently went to a retreat and spent much of my time on the road trying to take care of an ailing sibling. Well, said sibling has had major surgery and I am left with the task of helping him heal and become reconciled. Whew! That is a tough one, but not one that I have to walk through alone. But you know, I realized a long time ago that I am never walking alone. I realized that no matter what comes upon me, I have a Father, Who can handle anything that is thrown my way.
     Sometimes, though, we have an issue with letting go. Not me! I have learned that there are some problems that will beat you and your faith to a pulp if you try to handle them alone. I have one such problem right now. But, I have already talked with my Father in this morning's prayer time and I have given it over to Him. His shoulders do not get stooped and tired from the cares of this life.
     Some problems are so tough that they need, "Godstuff" done to them and I have one such as this now. But, I will step on in Jesus' name and I will deal with said problem as best I can for I know that the God of creation holds my hand.
     Do you have a problem of this type? If you do, give it to the Lord. He, Who can move mountains and calm the sea, can take care of any problems that plague you and me.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

Blog P. S. - Don't ever feel like the lone ranger. If you have a tough problem that you feel is not fair because of the weight that it puts on your shoulders, readjust your load and keep prayerfully moving on. You will find that the steps, though they cause you to stagger at first, will get easier to make with the passage of time. And one day, you will look back and think these words:

"How did I make it all these years
How did I make it this far
Through the deep valleys 
And over the hills
I know it had to be God.

How did I make it through the storm
How did I make it through the rain
Through the deep valleys and over the hills
It's so easy to explain
It was God's grace..." 
                                (song by Luther Barnes)

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