Thursday, June 22, 2017

Through It All...

Good morning to each of you.
     If you have been living for any length of time then you know what it means to speak from the depths of despair or moan in deep pathos as sorrow walks through your soul. You know what it is to look for the light and not be able to discern anything but darkness. You know what it is to look out at the world through tear-drenched eyes. You know what it is to lift your eyes to the sky and say, "Father."
     That is what I felt upon the death of my mother. So, two years after her passing, I was battle hardened enough that my older brother's passing from a coma into final rest was something that I could take without too much pain, for I knew that the pain that he suffered before he slipped into the coma was at last, no more.
     Yesterday, I went to the hospital and saw my last sibling sob like a baby. I did not want to watch the loss of independence and the brokenness that he displayed, he who had always been so proud and matter of fact about life. It seemed that he held strong until I walked into the room. Of course, I said soothing words and tried to focus on positive aftermaths for him, but I want you to know that it was tremendously difficult. But that old robot that is within me came to my aid and I was able to offer words of reassurance and comfort to him, that same old robot that came to my aid back in 2002 after I found my mother's earthly remains when I went to check on her as I did each day.
     Now, I have to go back today visit my sibling once again and be robotic enough so that I don't shed tears as he might because of a drastic change in his mobility. I told you all of this so that you can somewhat realize what is being played out in my life right now. But you know what? Through it all, I have learned to trust in God and in His infinite love. That is the message that I am going to try to convey to my sibling this morning, yes the message of faith in God. All it takes is mustard seed faith.
     Sometimes that is all we have at a given moment, but you know what, that is all we need.  By the persuasive gift of encouragement that the Lord has given to me, I hope by the glory of God, to leave my sibling with a renewed sense of faith/purpose and hope, hope in rehab through the providence of God, the Father of us all and a renewed dose of faith that the Lord will carry him through it all. All it takes is a mustard seed amount.
     You know that is a powerful thought combination, Faith in God- A mustard seed amount will carry you to ultimately and you will be singing, "Through It All" during the journey. That thought will carry you through whatever valleys, mountains and storms that you have to walk through or endure. Be blessed and remember to BYDWP!
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