Sunday, May 7, 2017

Writing a Book

😊Good morning to all of you!
     It is with a joyous spirit that I write this blog piece to you today! Why? Well first, I am joyous because I woke up; have a reasonable portion of health and strength, I have a family, I have a Father, Who allows me to use the gift of my pen to sing praises to Him, but most of all is preparing a place for me one day.
    It surely was no news flash when I told you that I was writing another book, not even when I told you that I am having my blog put into a book. It hit me this morning that through the years as I have been blogging that I was writing a book, day by day. Now that book is about to be printed! I never thought that that was what I was doing in my daily talking to you. But get this! In a moment of epiphany, I realized that I am writing a bigger book and have been writing it all of my life. Yep, you guessed correctly if you guessed that I am talking about my every word, thought and deed that I have had while down here on this earth. Uhm hmm-m, it is all being written down, and one day, Alma's portion in the book of life will be read. That y'all, is a deep thought, isn't it? Yeah, sometimes I have thoughts that are so deep that they make me do a double take! Then I remember that it is not me, but the glory of God shining through me that directs my creative efforts.
     Well, let's make sure that the good outweighs the bad in our book. Okay? Starting today. Go have your coffee, juice tea and make preparations to go to worship Him somewhere today and let's raise our voices in song to Him for the love that He continues to shower upon us. Ah-h yes, "Amazing Grace!"

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

Since I have retired from teaching
Writing books is what I do a lot of
As I write, I am always reaching
Out to my fellowman, beseeching
That we show lovingkindness to another
That is of the same caliber as the love of self
And about which the clergymen of 
Our day are always preaching.

Bear in mind that we do indeed write a book
That at the end of time, all will have a look
Let's hope to shine like a new star when
The book is opened and a look is taken within
But, we will be alright if we have made sure that
The blood of Jesus covers us from all of our sins.

Blog P. S. - Yes, we all write a book...😊

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