Monday, May 8, 2017

We, Too

Hello to all of you. I received some sad news on yesterday. One of my family members has been diagnosed with cancer, and that has spread throughout his body. Don't know any more than that. Chemotherapy may or may not be an option. I will find out more on Friday when we meet with the cancer doctor. I had to break the news to the rest of the family. But you know, folks, this is a part of our journey that we must all go through. It just behooves us to be ready to say goodbye at a moments notice. We never know when the last visit will be the final goodbye, so make the most of the time that you have together.

One day we will walk our own section
 Of the path of the final goodbye
We may walk it with groanings from others
Or we may walk it with a sigh
We may walk it with tiredness
We may walk it while we see our loved ones cry
But one thing about it, Y'all, we
All will walk it by and by.


Once there was a rooster and a hen
Who had three little chicks (children)
The rooster flew off to parts unknown
And the strong little hen had
To rear the three chicks on her own.

Though it was not the custom for chickens
To follow one another in a line
The hen taught her little chicks to walk like
The ducks, in a straight line
And the rest of the barnyard told the little hen
That she was raising her chicks just fine.

Time passed, which is what time was given to do
And the little chicks had broods of their own
And the old hen was all alone.

Her chicks gathered at her coop when they could
And remembered her on special days
Just like a good little chicken should.

Then came the day that the old hen walked no more
And the little chicks with their broods came
To see her off to that other shore.

Time passed, which is what time was given to do
And the oldest chick who used to walk right behind his mother
Crossed the river to go and stay with the little hen
And the two chicks left, each went their own way
Though the youngest tried to walk 
Like it had been taught to do.

The day came when the youngest chick saw
That the chick that she used to walk behind
Was gazing across the river to where the hen
And the oldest chick did now reside
And one day soon, the youngest chick knew
That the chick that she used to walk behind
Would cross that river, too.

Three little chicks used to walk in a line
One has departed and another most gone
Following a well-laid out henpecked line.
Have courage, little chick, you will be just fine
If the day comes that you are left all alone
Just you follow the henpecked line.

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