Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Thugs, Thievery and Murder

Hello, folks.
     This life is hard enough without having to deal with thugs and thievery! If you work for something or are given a gift that you treasure, then it ought to be yours to keep, right? But thieves and thugs will take what is not rightfully theirs with no thought to your feelings whatsoever. We have come to understand that and manage to live with it.
     But when it comes to being a thug and stealing lives, I don't get it. Material things can be replaced but a life cannot. When you strap on a bomb loaded with all kinds of hurtful things with the sole intent of inflicting death or hurt to another as well as yourself, you are a thieving thug. That practice, it seems, crosses all nationalities. Hoodlum, thug, murderer, it pretty much ends the same way, with the taking of a life or lives.
     Hatred breeds violence; but you know, jealousy has a part to play in that scenario, too.  That may be an uncomfortable feeling but, never the less it is true. What happened in England and in several places around the world at various times, ought not to be. Mankind being inhumane to man.  This is what I want to ask, Who do you think that the lives that were taken belonged to and do you think that it does not matter that they were taken? Do you think that retribution will be cheated just because the perpetrators of such horrendous acts took their own lives in the process?
     Well, just as horrendous as the acts mentioned above is the acts of assassinating the spirit of a person. All of us, as children of the Creator, ought to be caring of each other and not so jealous or so hatred-filled that we lose our ability to have compassion for one another. The Holy Writ says that our Lord is compassionate and love filled. We, as we strive to project His care to the world, ought to be the same.
     Let us petition the Lord on the behalf of the ones that were hurt in England and other places in the world and pray for the families of those injured or killed, as well. And let us make a petition on the behalf of all future perpetrators - that they seek peace through love. And let us all remember to project the Lord in all that we do so that He gets the glory.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Caring Heart Jones
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