Sunday, May 21, 2017

One for the Jar!

Hi, everybody!
     I went to a book-signing yesterday to help to support an author acquaintance of mine and when I walked through the door, I received a nice surprise. The author acquaintance of mine exclaimed as I walked through the door, "Here she is, Here's Alma!" She then proceeded to hug my neck while waving her hands to call a lady over to her. 
     When the lady got over to her, with her arm still around me, my author acquaintance introduced me to her with these words, "Here she is. This is Alma! You see; I told you she was coming! This is the one whose book you just finished reading! The lady looked at me and smiled and gushed admiration and goodwill. She talked to me as if I were someone special and I was almost flabbergasted to the point that I was speechless. I managed to recover myself and take it in stride and to articulate coherent responses to her accolades and questions, although a part of my brain was still stuck in amazed mode at being greeted like a mini celebrity! 
     By the grace of God, I was able to converse as if this type of thing occurred every day. (Tee hee) I even managed to be gracious when she excitedly called her husband over to meet me and he responded pretty much the same way that she did! Then she told me that she had brought my book to be given to a friend of hers to read because that is the way they did books that they liked. I thanked her profusely. By then, my brain had pulled itself out of its shocked mode and was performing in a thankful but gracious manner. Then we started to say the same thing at the same time, but I beat her to it. I offered to sign her copy of W.O.W. created w.o.w., to which she exclaimed that that was just what she had been getting ready to ask me to do. 
     Uh, y'all, they treated me like a celebrity! Me! Uh...uh, uh, God's grace is amazing isn't it? 
W.O.W.! W.O.W.! W.O.W.!

Here is a poem that I whipped out today due to yesterday's events. This is definitely one for the jar!

One for the Jar
There are no words to describe
The grace to my life that is inscribed 
For He blessed and continues to
Bless my cup to overflowing and
To allow this one to imbibe.

Make of this poem what you will
But this child of the King has been
And still is, allowed to drink her fill.

So, this Sunday morning, Father I
Acknowledge you to the world
And say, "Thank You for caring for me
As You allow Your blessings to unfurl."

When I get to the worship service today
I'm gonna sing loud and I am going to sing long
As I raise my voice in thanksgiving
And sing my Victor's Song.

To Ponder
Can anyone figure out why the piece is entitled as it is?

Doing What I Can, While I Can  Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

Continued Prayer Requests
Safety of and Happiness of Children the World Over
World Peace
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