Saturday, May 20, 2017

Gave Me Joy

Good morning precious ones.
I have a little-lighthearted tale that I want to share with you this morning. My hummingbirds are back this year, and I was thrilled to see them! They came right on up to their usual feeding place and drank from their feeder to their little heart's content. Since the hummers have come back, anytime I walk by the window, I take an involuntary look outside. And I am usually rewarded with seeing one or more of them feeding or sitting on the little fence that we put there for them.
     Well, last evening just after dark, as I was passing the feeder, my head did its involuntary turn toward the feeder window and I spied something moving near the hummingbird feeders that was definitely too big to be a hummingbird. I had left the patio light on by accident. But still, when my brain did finally convince my eyes that I saw what I saw, I opened my mouth and began calling for my husband. My husband had told me the previous day that he had seen a raccoon drinking from the hummingbird feeder. I was incredulous when he told me and he had to repeat it a couple of times for me.
     You remember that I told you about the little squirrel that likes to steal the food that I put out for the birds? Well, now folks, we have a raccoon living in our backyard who likes to drink hummingbird food. I asked my husband, "What is this, Jones' Animal Farm?"
     Yep, the thieving raccoon gave me joy because he likes living in my backyard so much because he has gotten hooked on hummingbird nectar. I think that I will try to video him holding on with one hand and shaking the juice out with the other hand. I guess I have seen it all folks, the raccoon stealing hummingbird food - umph, umph, umph!
     Did he get my attention? Yep, he did.

Here are two poems for your enjoyment and encouragement today.

Gave Me Joy

Did you say a prayer to the Lord today
Did you ask Him to guide you as
You continue on your way?

That is the appropriate thing for you to do
Give Him praise for His glory and
At least, thank Him for His continual care of you.

In keeping, thank You, Lord, for the little raccoon
That was sent to drink my hummingbird food
Because my seeing him do that put me in a jovial mood
Seeing him, made my brain increase its supply of endorphins
The little animal got my attention and that sight
Is something I am not likely to forget soon.


His Sunshiny Love

I just love the sunshine that so
Warms my chilled face
It is sent by my Father and spreads
Love all over the place.

I liken it to being wrapped in
A warm, down-filled quilt
With a built in embracing warming ray
That satisfies me to the hilt.

Some of you probably wonder what
in the world is wrong with me...
Just trying to paint a picture of His love in
The sunshine, plain enough for all to see.
(excerpt from AVIA ©)

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Jones
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