Friday, May 26, 2017

God Will

Yesterday, I asked you a question about how the title of yesterday's blog piece,  "Dark in Your Room" and the title of the poem from yesterday, "Forgotten My Name" correlate.

                The answer to the question is fairly simple because they both refer to the same thing. If you feel like it has gotten dark in your room, that means that so many unforeseen negative circumstances have attacked your life that you have no communication with joy anymore. It also means that joy, who used to be your friend, has moved on and forgotten the camaraderie that you two used to share. 
                 You know how I always tell you to BYDWP, well at times like this in our lives, we need to pray more than ever. This may be one of those times that you pray when you fall asleep, pray while you are dreaming, pray when you turn over in the middle of the night and pray upon rising. I like to think that where my prayers stop, the groanings of the Holy Spirit begin. This is one of those times that when you approach the Lord, all you have to say is, "It's me, Father."
               You see, I don't believe that He ever gets tired of our coming before His throne with a contrite, willing but broken spirit. Uhm, look at it like this. Those of you that have children and have on occasion, had to chastise them, will if you let your mind go back, remember that after the chastisement was over the child was willing to do whatever chore that you had asked them to do in the first place. And remember how peace did reign. There was no more backtalk, sullenness nor half doing the job. I think that is the way we are when life decides to target us and take a plug out of us.
               But, as I have told you so many times before, the fact of having the Great Omnipotent I Am as our Father is all we need to remember. Indulge yourself in prayer by the total immersion of your soul in communication with Him in all humility and with tears, if they come to you. Then as the song by the Canton Spirituals suggests, "Watch Him Move." He will send peace back to your soul and make joy wrap its arms around you again. He can put the skip back in your steps that you thought would never want to do so again. God will.
Good morning, my blog readers and chew on these words today,

"God will!"

When Life Throws You a Curved Ball

… In tears, “Granny, why did he?” "Listen, baby, when life
Throws you a curveball, sometimes it can be very hard
But you have to do what you have to do and
You have to reach your goal, yard by yard.”

“You think you have all of the answers about
Everything that you're planning to do
But you just don't know, you have no idea
What fate has in store for you.”

“Sometimes it can be so bad that you cannot
Figure out what to do in your situation
Sometimes you can be so down and out
You wonder about the reason for your creation.”

“But then you remember that the God of heaven
And all of His ominous power
Has sheltered and protected you
Minute by minute and hour by hour.”

“Then you have to be resolute
And keep going on and on
You have to be able to see past the storm
To the sunny skies beyond.”

“And it will always pay to remember
What my grandmother told me long ago
“Keep your faith in God baby
No matter the row that you have to hoe.”

“And never forget to stay prayed up with your Bible well read
Because I have been living a long time
And I have never gone unclothed nor unfed.”

“Wait a minute baby
Just a few minutes more
God will take care of you
And about that, there is no maybe!”

“He warmed me with the cloak of perseverance
When the cold winds of doubt and fear were raging
He dazzled me with His footwork
As He stepped into my battle fray
And always came out victorious
At the end of the day.”

“One of these days, you will look back on this
And remember how He brought you through
And you will be able to talk to your children
When they come complaining about Him to you!”

Psalm 46

1.     Define resolute.
2.     Explain the meaning of the title of the poem, "When Life Throws You a Curved Ball."
3.     What do you think has happened at the beginning of the poem?
4.     Does the speaker speak from experience? If so, give several instances from the poem. If not, give several references from the poem to support your conclusion.
5.     What is the general theme of the poem?
6.     Name a possible sub-theme.              (excerpt from W.O.W. created w.o.w. ©)

Just for You for Today
Keep your hand in His hand
And if the storm tries to sweep you away
Do like Peter did, Open your mouth and say
"Lord, save me, for I have let go and I
Cannot see the light of day"
He will answer your call
Way before your enemies get to 
Exult in your seeming fall.
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