Thursday, May 18, 2017

God Will

Good morning, all.  I have a message from my heart to yours and that message is, "Don't despair about whatever your problem is, instead go to your Father and talk it over with Him." I can tell you that He will! Somebody is probably sitting there thinking, "Will what?" And to that question, I say, "Will handle whatever your problem or your situation is, He will take care of it in whatever manner He sees fit. Now that does not necessarily mean that He is going to do exactly what you think that He ought to do, but it does mean that He will do whatever needs to be done so that you will be blessed, learn lessons and have a story to tell all at the same time. That is a topic that I cover in my new book, Chopping My Row, that is in the hands of the publisher right now.  It promises to be a blessing, as you have been to me, my blog readers.

As you go through whatever problems that you might have or whatever pitfalls or storms come your way today, remember these words:


I don't care who said what to whom and when
God will take care of His children
That is all that you have to be concerned about
He will see your problem and work things out
For you good according to His will
While you, my friend, have to learn to lean
On Him and trust Him still!

I hope you began each day with prayer and make a habit of this. A good thing to do would be to invite the Lord into whatever activity you intend to engage in today. If you do that you will get into the habit of consulting Him in any decision that you have to make. That is what I have done since I was a child... That practice of seeking His blessing before any undertaking has served me well over the years. If you do this and find that it works, you will seek Him more and more until it becomes a habit that serves the Lord as you acknowledge His Omnipotence and serves you as you receive His favour. It is a win-win situation!

Doing What I Can, While I  Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

Continued Prayer Request
Safety and Happiness of Children the World Over
World Peace\

Prayer changes things!
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