Friday, April 14, 2017

You See!

     You see! I told you that prayer changes things! Keep praying for world peace and for the safety of the world's children. Have you noticed the shifts in opinion of some world leaders? Keep praying, but always in the positive.
     Here is an earlier blog of mine from a couple of years back. This should remind you of my firm stand on prayer. Hope it blesses your spirit.

First night in apartment awakened
In the wee hours of the morn 
By the sound of screaming and
The sound of a loud fire horn.

Fire began in our building, the apt. 
Above and to the right of ours
Evacuation done as a safety measure
To hear that everyone was okay
Was indeed a pleasure
- Builder of meth lab, meth lab
Needs rehab.
Just sayin'.

Yesteryear, when the still blew up
No one was hurt except the owner, 
And the user of the still, for stills 
Were made back in the woods.

Now they brew "stuff" in the heart of town
Where innocent babies, children 
And adults can be found.
The poem above describes an actual event that happened in our life on Monday night. My daughter, who I have told you is special, got moved into her apartment with her roommate and all seemed to be well. I did my usual Mother's prayer for my daughter to be okay and I went on to sleep. I did have the usual uneasiness that any mother would have when the nest has been emptied of its last chick.

Well, the next morning, I received a phone call that shook me up. I was informed that there had been a fire in the building that houses my daughter's apartment, but that she and her roommate were both okay. I was informed that they had had to spend the night in a motel due to the electricity having been disconnected due to the fire. I was so shook up that I had to ask the caretaker to repeat what she had just said. She did and I was okay with her answers. (Of course, being the mother that I am, I wanted to talk to my baby and to lay my eyes on her, just to be sure that she was okay and had suffered no lasting trauma.) But, in the meantime, we had to break the news to her Dad. That, I knew would be no mean feat, so I let the worker who called me, do the honors. I knew that he would be wondering the same thing that I was, "Why, they did not call at 2:30 in the morning to tell us that our daughter's apt. building was afire!

I made sure that he was sitting down before I handed him the phone. You would have to know him to appreciate the wiseness of this decision. Yes, he had his usual yelling hysterics, etc. I interceded to say that she was okay. I had to say that two times before his eyes stopped bucking and rapidly blinking. He held his chest like Fred Sanford  used to do on Sanford and Son. I can have a good laugh about it now, but at the time, I wanted to see my child.

But you know what? I did not know that when I asked the Lord to take care of and protect my daughter, that He would show me just how well He could. When we talked to her on the phone and saw her 30 minutes later, she told her little story and was as cool and unflappable as could be.

You know what I regarnered from this fiery situation, "Jesus keeps His children." That means, in all times and in all situations, whatever the outcome, He is in control. That let me know that her caretakers were on the ball and were going to take care of my child. And get this; this is what is so sweet about His love, He let the caretaker be a lady who goes to the same church that we do and who knows and likes my daughter very well. (Now this is only temporary until they find a replacement for the lady who bailed out a week before my daughter was scheduled to move.) But,  I see the hand of the Lord all through this. This situation tells me that, if I am on a book tour in Timbuktu, He will take care of her and of me because He can be in all places at the same time. In other words, I don't have to worry because  whether I am there or not; He is the keeper; He is ULTIMATE!

Woo! That's song singing time, don't you know!
I am hoarse this morning but I think I'll sing some songs of praise to Him, anyhow! Y'all be safe and I'm on a roll. Think I'm gonna sing, "He's Able."

Just like He took care of my daughter in answering my prayers for her safety, He still answers today. 

So no matter what you do, don't you 
Get too tired, too downhearted 
Nor too worn to pray, okay
Because God is God
At the end of the day.

Chopping My Row, as in His Garden I Continue to Hoe
Alma L. Jones

BYDWP - Begin your day with prayer.
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