Saturday, April 15, 2017

Oh, No It's Not!

Oh, no it is not a mystery
That you ended up reading
A blog that was written by me.

It is no coincidence that
You ended up following
My blog because of something
Of mine that you once read
"It was meant to be" is all 
That can be said.

You see, I believe that you
And the other blog readers of mine
Were brought together for 
This particular time
To send up universal prayers
For the peace of the world
And for the children of mankind.

So, don't forget blog reader of mine
The day and hour is always right
For collective prayer time
To our risen Savior Divine!  

  1. What is the theme of this poem? 
  2. How does the writer feel with regard to this theme?
  3. Why do you think that the last line of the poem is underlined? What is the significance?
Doing What Can, While I Can Because I Care
Alma L. Grateful Jones

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