Saturday, April 29, 2017

Write Your Own Ticket

Hello, all. We are like peas in a pod. Yes, even leaders and rulers of countries are, too. Sometimes, it behooves us to remember that.

Write Your Own Ticket

You say it's too bad that I'm not like you
That I could write my own ticket
If only that were true.

Well in response to your statement
I'm not working for fortune or fame
I'm just trying to work for God
Who personally knows my name

He does not care how much I own
How much “blueblood” I lack
He does love me as I am
And I am not turning back.

So he allowed me to write my own ticket
And I know that surprises you
But take a page of learning from my book
And from now on, be careful what you say and do.

Next time it might not be little old me
It might be an angel you're talking to.
Never know…
Now do you?

So, we write our own tickets
Yes, that is true
Say, what destination did you spell
When you wrote on the ticket handed to you
Did you write heaven
Or did you write ________?

Hebrews 13:2
                                                           (excerpt from W.O.W. created w.o.w.)

1 What is the mood of the speaker?
2 The theme of this poem is what?
3. How does the given scripture apply to this poem?

4. Write a paragraph on your response to this poem if the subject in question had been race? Been religion? If the Lord were literally standing there when you answered, what would your answer have been?
Be blessed my blog readers and share some smiles today. BYDWP.
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