Friday, April 28, 2017

A Little Girl

Good morning to all of you. Hoping that this session finds you doing well. Have your tea, coffee or juice after you BYDWP. Here is a quick poem for you this morning.

There is a little girl
Who lives inside of me
And she is as happy as
Any little girl can be.

She is not bothered by the posturing
Of men with their threats of war and such
For, she knows that she has a loving
Father, Who loves her very much
And she knows what it is to be reassured
By His tender loving touch
If unsettled by life's pushing and shoving.

She is not bothered when life makes her cry
Because of the callous treatment that she
Receives from the bitterness in some folks hands
She just keeps her little face turned upward
With her eyes on God as she follows the
Path that is laid out for her so that she
Makes it to her glorious homeland.

And she is not bothered by
The body of a woman
Who has grown old
Because she knows that one 
Day she and the old woman
Will skip on streets of gold.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care
Alma L. Stepping On Jones
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