Friday, April 7, 2017

Will and Grace

       Good morning to each of you precious ones. Hope you had your prayer session and then your coffee and tea by now. I have some words that are on my heart today and hope that it blesses you with what you need. And to those of you that do not need this session today, just file it back because the day will come when you will.
     Sometimes life can take you and toss you into places that you would rather not be and you have to tell life and your enemies, "I'm not stopping, now. You pierced my armor and damaged my soul, but I have a dogged determination that I will not long linger in the pit that you dug for me. I have learned that it is no shame to be in the pit, for I find that I am in good company. Joseph was thrown into the pit, but he didn't stay there. Daniel did not stay where he was thrown and neither did the three Hebrew boys."
     Somebody might say, "Yeah, but you ain't no Daniel and you ain't no Joseph and you sho ain't no Hebrew!" Yes, you are correct in saying that I am neither a "Joseph" nor a "Daniel" but, oh, you are incorrect in saying that I am not a Hebrew. While I am not of the Hebrew blood physically, I am by the blood of Jesus, one spiritually (Romans 2:29; Galatians 3:29; & Ephesians 2:19). And I stand on that and I keep stepping on because I know that by God's will and by His grace I am still standing and on my way out of the pit and I will thrive. Oh, my Father, how great You are!

Will and Grace
Do the best that you can as you chop your row
But you cannot count on thanks from others you know
Some will plant cockleburs, Johnson grass and other
Weeds on your row, thus making it hard to hoe.

But one thing that I have learned in my days
Of chopping, hoeing and tilling in this garden below
Is that it is by His will and His grace that I thrive
In this garden in spite of the sowing of weeds by the foe
And I do not waiver in my resolve nor in my zeal
To that eternal, blessed and placid place to go.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

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