Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Thing That You Do

     Do you know what you do when you do the thing that you do? It is not by your design or your will that I have reached the heights that I have. It is not by your machinations that my ultimate position in life will be determined. You see, I have a special connection that I can avail myself of that was put in place before I was born. And just like the babe that life can reduce me to at sundry times, I get my nourishment and my stamina from my Father.
     Just like the little bear cub that was being chased by the mountain lion. That little bear cub was running for all he was worth. He fell in the river in his efforts to get away; he was out of breath from running; he had to swallow water in his efforts to get away. Yet, that old mountain lion kept on coming and finally got him cornered and hit him with a powerful blow; hit him hard enough that he tried to roar but it came out as a weak pittance and did not affect the mountain lion at all. That little cub had blood running across its face, but oh! What is that that I hear? I hear a mighty roar; a roar that stirs up terror. The mother bear came up behind the cub and the mountain lion turned tail and ran for all it was worth.
      Enter Hebrews 4:16 and Psalm 46. You do remember that when He gets stirred up because of His child that His anger waxes hot and His destruction is swift. If you don’t believe me ask Pharaoh and the army that perished in the waters of the Red Sea. Ask them about how the chariot wheels came off when they tried to turn around and run. If you don’t believe me ask Jezebel when the dogs devoured her bones; ask the bullying giant Goliath, etc. I have heard it said that a word to the wise is sufficient. Do you know what you do when you do the thing that you do?
     Good morning to all of my blog readers. If the above few paragraphs fit you or life situation, “Be still and know!” Read Psalm 46 and prayerfully wait. There is a blessing on the way. Just open your mouth little precious sheep and bleat! Then see what your Father does…

  Do you know what you do when you do the thing that you do?
To children? Is nothing sacred to you?

      Anger stirred in heaven over the home cookin’ that you prepared. Uhmp ump ump! The meal is ready but oh my! Who did you prepare it for? Oops, misdirected address and it has been stamped by heaven Return to Sender. There are other things attached, as well. It always comes back in more abundance than when it was sent.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Love Children and I Care,
Alma L. Steppin' On Jones
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