Thursday, April 6, 2017

Train Up A Child

     Good morning to all of you. Please get your day started right, yes with prayer. That is the one thing that has gone with me on all of my travels in this life. You see, situations change and people change but God has been my constant. Yes, He has been my constant, through prayer. He has allowed me to get close to Him and He has allowed me to stay that way. When I whimper, He hears; when life brings me to tears, He sees and knows; when I laugh, He knows; when I get exasperated, He knows, etc. In short, He knows all about me and still loves me.
     That is why I keep telling you how important prayer is. My Mother had me to build my life around prayer and my Gran Gran underscored that practice for me by stressing the importance of reading my Bible, as well. They both knew that one day, maybe after they were gone that life would have a go at me. Just like Timothy's mother and grandmother prepared him for a life of service to the Lord, my Momma and my Gran Gran thus prepared me.
     And now, when life throws me several curved balls and I feel overwhelmed, I reach back into my arsenal of faith and I use my well-used tool of prayer. I always find that my Father is available to me. He never turns me away, even when I have not done all that I should. Listen to me people! WHEN YOU GO INTO YOUR DAY WITHOUT PRAYER THAT IS LIKE A SOLDIER GOING INTO BATTLE WITH NOTHING BUT GOODWILL. You have to be prepared for the time that life comes at you with vengeance and make no mistake about it, it will come. Prayer keeps you close to God, for when you seek Him, He can be found. He will handle everything. Yep, I hear skepticism creeping into some of your minds, but take it from a person who has seen what prayer can do. This praying person has known poverty, faced traps set by enemies, been the victim of racism and of jealousy, etc. You are reading the blog of a person who has been the recipient of prayers prayed: to name a few, prayed her way out of poverty; prayed her way past racism; prayed her way over traps, and prayed her way past the limits that another's jealousy would have set.
     Yes, the things that my Momma taught me and those things underscored by my Gran Gran have helped to push this lady closer to God. Somebody just thought, "What is the big deal? That is what He is supposed to do." Uh, excuse me. I know you didn't! Talking about supposed to do, what are we, as His creations, supposed to do? Uhm humm, that's what I thought. Now while I have your attention think on this. If you had to go up against the baddest dude around, who would you choose to have your back? Uhm hmmm, I can hear some of you saying, "Well, I would choose this one or that one." And you know what I say to that, balderdash! I choose the God, Who commands the elements, the swordsmith, the waters (Pharaoh); the fire (Shadrach Meshach and Abednego); animals (the lions with Daniel, the whale or big fish with Jonah) and etc. Now, who did you say that you would choose? Uhm hmmm, there you go; you are on the right track now. 
     I said all of that to say this, get your praying time in, for when you do, you do a greater thing than you can imagine.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

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