Saturday, April 22, 2017

To Be Able to Say, "I'm Blessed"

Good morning to each of you. It is a blessing to be able to acknowledge the love that we have for the Lord without fear of persecution. Not every person can worship freely.  If you have freedom to worship, you are blessed. If you got up from your bed this morning, you are blessed, if you have a bed to arise from, you are blessed, food to eat - blessed. In short, if you still breathe life, you are blessed. So do what I always remind you to do, "Begin your day with prayer." And don't forget to pray for:

  • forgiveness of your sin
  • the presence of the  GODHEAD (by giving thanks for )
  •  yourself
  • your preacher or clergyman
  • safety of children everywhere
  • world peace
  • God's believers the world over
You can tailor your prayer to fit your needs, but by all means, pray. Here is a poem in keeping with the topic for today:

A poem of praise to the GODHEAD
From a little speck of dust
In YOU, I put all of my trust
To prosper and protect me
Wherever I am lead.


Whew! It took me forever, it seems, to get this personal Bible bookmark of mine transferred to this blog! I wanted to share it with you and yes, you can see that it is a bit dog-eared from my handling it over the years. (smile)This is all one bookmark. I think that I'll have some professionally done to hand out at book signings and speaking engagements. Of course, the paper will be green! (tee hee)

For Pondering
  1. What does this bookmark have to do with the subject of the blog today? Anything?
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