Monday, April 17, 2017

Still Up

Hello, my faithful blog readers! I reposted the poem from Saturday so that you can have it as a reference as I answer the questions that I posed to you on it. Then I will tie question three in with the title of our blog for today and give you a couple of tidbits to boot that have made my week. 
     The theme of the poem is coincidence and, tying in question two, the fact of its not being just a happenstance, but a meant to occurrence along your life path. I feel so strongly about this that I boldfaced it and underlined it. The message tied to the theme is that we need to come together to pray for world peace and for the safety of all the children of the world. Childhood ought to be a carefree time, not a drudgery. Working and learning to prosper is fine as well as learning a trade early, but joy should be incorporated into it as well. My main point is that there should be no exploitation of children, whether it is chemical weapons bombs, sex trafficking or what-have-you. it should not be and as a child advocate, I'm raising my voice and my prayers in opposition to it.
     I added the last line to the poem on Saturday so that I could address what quite a bit of the world looks upon as Easter, the day that the Lord arose from the tomb. No matter the particular day, the fact remains that He did get up and has been up evermore. In other words, He is still up. That is a victory that most of the world celebrates. 

Blog for Monday from the Poem: 
     Remember that I am always saying to look for a blessing during and after your storm? I like to say that if it comes during your storm, it is a care package from the Lord, to help to sustain you. Remember that I told you that He sees when our faith is faith is getting weak because we have become worn out from battling the storm for so long, well I like to think that when I get a blessing in my storm or right after my storm it serves two purposes: 
  1. to show me that I am not alone and to encourage me to keep struggling during my storm because it will not last always (in other words to keep me encouraged and my faith strong)
  2. to give me a reward for maintaining my faith, even if it has lessened to the size of a mustard seed.
Because He is still up, He is still in the care package business. Yesterday, I received a care package. It was not a huge one in your eyes, but to me it was! it was precious because anytime I get a care package from the Lord, I feel especially cherished. Sort of like I imagine a lot of children feel on their birthdays, you know? Well, yesterday I went on to check on a project of mine and saw, not one but two, new reviews! Folks, that is huge. It is fairly difficult to get people to write reviews. and I had received two! Here is what they said:
 A very touching collection of poems. The one on ... April 15, 2017
A very touching collection of poems. The one on pages 16-17 (The Word, Momma) helped me to heal after my mother's death. Such an inspirational writer!!!
 Beautiful poetry that lifts the spirit and inspires April 15, 2017
Beautiful poetry that lifts the spirit and inspires! Met her at a bok signing, and she is SUCH a talented writer, speaker, and singer. Her books stay on my nightstand for frequent reading.

Oh, no it is not a mystery
That you ended up reading
A blog that was written by me.

It is no coincidence that
You ended up following
My blog because of something
Of mine that you once read
"It was meant to be" is all 
That can be said.

You see, I believe that you
And the other blog readers of mine
Were brought together for 
This particular time
To send up universal prayers
For the peace of the world
And for the children of mankind.

So, don't forget blog reader of mine
The day and hour is always right
For collective prayer time
To our risen Savior Divine!  

  1. What is the theme of this poem? 
  2. How does the writer feel with regard to this theme?
  3. Why do you think that the last line of the poem is underlined? What is the significance?
See, another blessing from my storm... So, you keep praying and serving my precious ones and you will be receiving care packages from Him, too. Me? I am still up from those positive reviews! I feel like singing, but that is nothing new. I sing most of the time, either to make me feel better or to share my joy to any who happen to hear me. and Who do I sing about? Yep, you guessed it, the Lord! (sighle - a new word that I coined to mean the combination of a sigh and a smile; contentment)

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones
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