Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Another Deadline

I am racing to reach another self-imposed deadline. I hear other writers talk about their agents and how many books they have published, etc. and I wonder if my turn will ever come. You know, the time when I will have an agent and am racing to reach a given deadline, the time when I will have arrived! Then I stop that thought in its tracks. I remind myself that the work that I do, I'm not doing for fortune nor fame, I do for His glory to bring honor to His name and that as long as I do what He requires of me, that is good enough. If success comes through my writing, then great, if not, so be it. As long as I can write something that eases somebody's pain, trouble; gives encouragement to the person that has almost given up, gladdens some heavy heart, etc. then my working on the chopping of my row is not futile.
     So, if you ever start to think along the same vein that I mentioned above, stop yourself in your tracks just like I did and remember that it is not all about you but about your doing His will and then you, my friend, step on.
Let us remember that 
We work for a greater reward 
Than what this world can supply
We await the reward that we will
Be given in that sweet by and by.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

Blog P.S. -Remember, it is okay to have concerns about the quality of your work for a moment, as I have shown you, don't let it last.  I told you about my being so over the moon because I wanted to show you that I have cares and concerns, too. BUT, I rise above all of that in my efforts to perform the task that He has assigned me to do.  I wanted you to 
  1. know that, though I was so over the moon about the reviews that I got the other day, that is not always the case
  2. and secondly, wanted you to understand that you are not by yourself if you have felt like this with regards to the quality of the work that you are trying to do for the Lord. 
  3. wanted you to know that we don't know which generation in the future may be encouraged by words that we have written, precepts that we have taught, in short, influenced by the legacy that was ours to leave as we strove to please God as we strove to achieve.
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