Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I Wish

If I could read an essay to the leaders/rulers of this world, here is what I would say:
·       I don’t have to possess several mansions, a fleet of cars, several hundred pairs of shoes or live the life of the rich and famous to be happy. I just want to continue to be useful for the Lord as I love my fellowman as best I can. A lot of people would disagree with me vehemently and that’s alright. Of the material trappings of this world, I have had a share and for that I am grateful; however, nothing, and I do mean nothing, takes the place of human kindness and goodwill.

·       I do not understand mankind’s inhumanity to man. I just don’t get it. But this is a thing that I wish. I know that there is an old saying that goes something like this, “If wishes were horses then beggars would be riding.”  Now, you might be thinking that that is a mighty big “I wish” and you would be right. Nevertheless, I do wish something. It is outlandish, but I can wish and I am going to say it. I wish the leaders/rulers of countries the world over loved everybody else’s kids like they do their own or like they do/did their mothers. If they did, there would be no need for poems such as the excerpts listed below.

Did the innocent ever do to you
Are you proud of yourself when
You see the face of a child
That got caught up in your blast
Do you feel vindicated
Have you gotten your revenge at last?

You ought to have your battle with the
Specific ones you feel slighted by
You ought to leave the innocent alone
And not cause another one to cry.

Children are innocent and ought to be revered as such
Even if your heart is made of stone
You ought to operate by one fast rule
To never let the innocent get caught
Up in your schemes for revenge
And to never ever allow your incendiary
Devices, an innocent child to touch. (excerpt from DEI Sub Numine Viget)

     You may not like what I have said here today and I do not care. I would appeal to your better nature, but after what you have done and are doing to the children of the world you have no better nature. It makes me wonder if sometimes some consciences have been seared with a hot iron like the Holy Writ speaks of. The houses that you have and the lifestyle of the rich and famous life that you live apparently is not enough. You have that desire to dominate; to crush even if it means crushing the hope right out of a child. Nobody’s baby should have the light of hope snatched out of their eyes to be replaced with terror, hopelessness, lostness and pain because some man decided that someone had dishonored him, or whatever.
     Back in the days when my country was young, men settled their differences, for the most part with duels. That is the way that I wish it could be today. I wish that it could be done in a similar way today where you could have two boxers or two wrestlers in the ring to fight until one went down or was penned until he said mercy or was unmovable. If this were to happen, then not another child would be bombed.
     You may not agree with me and think that it is okay, but it is not okay for you to hurt a child.   

Good morning, blog readers. When I asked you to join me on my blog today, I told you yesterday that we would be blogging on world peace and for the safety of children the world over. Please join me. Yes, yes, I know. That is a subject that some of you have been wanting me to address! Well, your wishes will be filled today, as best as I can. I still ask you to pray for world peace and for children the world over. Have you prayed about it as much as you pray for your family, or for a better job? Uhm hmm, that's okay if you haven't; start now.

1.                   Come boldly unto the throne of grace - says come with confidence; to what, to God's throne; throne of grace (love) We are invited to go to the throne of the Great I AM. Folks, there is no potentate in the world, no matter what kind of audience he commands, that is as great as I AM. And He has invited us with love to approach His throne with confidence? Yep, He has!
2.                  That we may obtain mercy, - this is where we can come to get not what we deserve but get divine favor and blessings.
3.                  And find grace to help in time of need - means that we will find kindness and goodwill when we need it.
Let us pray for world peace right now and I will try to include the world’s leaders and rulers in my prayer. 

Dear Lord, Thank You for our lives and Your love; thank You for the gft of Jesus for our lives.
We come before Your throne in humbleness with a petition for protection for the children and for world peace. 
I offer the portion of this poem to you as our hearts have been fragmented by man's inhumanity to man. We pray for world peace and for children everywhere especially for those that have been traumatized in some way. We are asking you to erase the horror from the minds of those that have been traumatized in whatever fashion. Please give them the resilience of youth and let them know that you do care. We want them to know that You will give them peace in their little minds, relief on all fronts and that You are a God of love. 
Then Lord, we pray for the men who are responsible for these horrific things that have been visited upon some children of this world. Those men, who... 

  1. Who are you mad at - are mad at the world to the extent that they will hurt innocent little children to feel justified
  2. Innocent ever do to you - so mad that they will use innocence to get their way
  3. Are you proud of yourself - so mad that they have gotten caught up in self-esteem or self-concept
  4. See the face of a child - so mad that it does not bother them to see the face of a child whose eyes reflect the horrors they have been shown and or known
  5. That got caught up in your blast - so mad that they care not that one of your little ones is suffering because of their egos
  6. Do you feel vindicated - so mad that vindication is all they want or remember
  7. Have you gotten your revenge at last - so mad that they have forgotten that they will have to answer before you when they have been reduced to the vessel of clay that they forgot that they were
  8. Ought to have your battle with the Specific ones you feel slighted by - so mad for power that they only see red in their quest for dominance
  9. And not cause another one to cry - so mad that they do not care who they cause to cry
  10. Children innocent and ought to be revered as such - so mad that they did not mind taking the sunshine out of children's eyes
  11. Heart is made of stone - so mad that their hearts are as turned to stone.
We pray that these men crave peace and safety for the world's children whether in their village or half a world away. We pray that they yearn for peace as much as a mother yearns for the safety of her child. We pray that they yearn for peace as much as a miser yearns for the next shiny piece of gold, as much as a shopaholic yearns for a new credit card. We pray that You grant us all peace as we lead our lives for you under the leadership of these men, who are in the positions that they are in but by Your grace.
Please bless us all.

In the name of Jesus, we pray,

Blog readers we form a group from various countries around the world. I do believe that if we raise our voices in prayer saying the same thing, asking for world peace and for safety for the world's children,

He will hear our plea 
So pray my blog readers 
Lift your voices with me.

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