Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Work in Progress

Good morning to you!  Whew! I solicit your prayers as I am putting the finishing touches on my latest book, Chopping My Row. It is the longest prose work that I have ever done and, God be thanked, it is almost finished! After I finish this one, if the Lord wills, the next one that I will tackle should be a piece of cake for me. Why, because it is a simple compilation of my blog for the past six years or so. After that, again if the Lord wills, I will publish the rest of my poems that have yet to see the light of day. (tee hee) There are quite a few, let me tell you.
     I still have several other unfinished books that are like me, "A work in progress." (tee hee) I am still being "Refined by my Father and when He gets finished with me, I shall come forth as pure gold." In the meantime, I will keep doing whatever it is that my hands find to do for His glory to include finishing my books. In that vein, I do have three more speaking engagements lined up and I will let you know more about them as the time nears.
     Even though I am still a work in progress, God lets me work for Him because He knows how badly I want to. I offer Him a thankful prayer for His using me for His glory and allowing me to tell my story. Like a sister of mine says often, "I want to wear out, not rust out." Be blessed y'all and BYDWP.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

I do want to extend grateful thanks to the group of ladies who requested that I do this book, Chopping My Row. It has been and is still proving to be a blessing to me and I hope that it will be to others.
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