Thursday, April 27, 2017

Writing It Down

Good morning, all. If you have been wondering where I get the topics for my blog from, the answer is, "Everywhere." I listen to what I hear, I read captions, I watch life. This morning, I was answering a response that was generated from what I had written on my blog regarding children and their need to be instructed in the desirables ways that we want them to go. One reader commented about how much of our cultural good points have been lost and she was correct. Here is my response:
We can stop the loss and start to build it back. We can talk to those who remember sayings and words of old and write them down and continue to write them down to be passed from one generation to the next. That is the book that I am working on now entitled Chopping My Row. Inside that book, I have a chapter entitled Write It Down.
That is one of the threefold purposes of the book that I am working on now entitled Chopping My Row. Inside that book, I have a chapter entitled "Write It Down."

  1. Purpose One - To inform ones still living today of the awesome responsibility that we have in the preparation and instruction of future generations.
  2. Purpose Two - To encourage children and adults alike with incidents from the Holy Writ and from my life about the love of the Lord and His care for all of us and His ever ready availability to us.
  3. Purpose Three - To leave words for the future church to have to hand as they make their way in this world because sometimes it helps to recall those conversations that you had with a wise loved one who has gone on. But there are so many folks who may not have given heed to or even had the opportunity to sit under the tutelage of a wise one.
With the advancement of age comes the realization of the importance of preparation of self and of others. Things that used to command our attention have taken a back seat to the things that have been the most important, all along. While some of us have been aware, all along, of what is most important on this journey of ours, the passage of times causes us to be more vocal and to leave no stone unturned in our work for the Lord for this generation and the next ones.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

Writing It Down

Speaks to my soul
Brings me joy
Makes my heart sing
And makes my bells of contentment ring
As encouraging and inspiring words
To mine and other's posterity, I bring.
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