Thursday, March 30, 2017

You Hurt My Feelings (sniff, sniff)

Good morning, precious! Yes, this means you, too. (smile) I usually begin my posts with, "Good morning, all." But today, I decided to reach out to those who are used to being overlooked. When a person is overlooked, it usually means that they do not have much of a social status. This practice, though forbidden, has been going on since Biblical times. James 2:1, 4, and 8 tell us to treat people without partiality. We are not to make people feel bad because of their lack of social status. We are told to love others as we do ourselves. Y'all know that we do not neglect ourselves and get upset if someone else does. Then let us treat all people nicely. You never know who you are talking to whether you are being mean or being kind. Remember the words, "angels unawares." (Hebrews 13:2)

So, I just thought that I would share a little about the subject that I am working on in my new book for ladies' classes. No, I am not saying that men do not play the partiality game; that is far from the truth. I just mentioned ladies because that is the type of book that I was asked to write.

All of us have suffered slights of some sort or another. You remember how bad you felt when that happened to you. So, let us put ourselves in the shoes of someone less fortunate or less popular and extend kindness. it costs you nothing and could gain you plenty. let us make sure that we are not the one who causes someone to whisper brokenly to themselves, "He/she hurt my feelings."

Find someone less fortunate than you today and give them a big smile or a handshake. You just might be the one that breaks the chain in that person's cycle of being slighted, ignored or put down. So to all of you, but especially to those of you who are put down on a regular basis, God loves you and so do I and the Lord looks upon us all the same. Have a sweet and blessed day and use this day to go forth and heal some wounded spirits by showing some love. Yes, especially you, precious!

Answers to Questions about Yesterday's Blog

  1. Surety is defined as "the state of being sure of something."
  2. "Nearing the end of my night" means that my troubles are coming to an end or "I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is not a train."  The phrase, "Metamorphic rock of renewed faith" means just like a metamorphic rock is formed by extreme heat and pressure, so is a metamorphic rock of renewed faith. And, I might add, that a metamorphic rock is the strongest of the three rock types! Life supplies heat and pressure and a stronger faith is formed. (As far as life experiences, they will vary. You can read mine  under lesson 9 in my book, Chopping My Row soon to be released.)
  3. The first two lines of the second poem, "Have learned...included & Words of...comfort" and the line that reads, "Yet, I love doing it because writing words" lets you know that the writer has learned to speak words of comfort to herself and that the process, like life, is ongoing. This is ascertained by the use of the ing on the verb, do and on the verb, write. 
I did not include yesterday's blog for you to look at in reference to the questions that I answered for you today. That may have been a mistake. In rectification of that mistake, here is a copy of yesterday's blog. And here is a poem for my poetry buffs, as well.

Yesterday's Blog
Good morning, all. You know it has been nearly six years since I published my first poem on my blog!  I went back to my very first post on my blog for today and guess what? I was a bastion of optimism then and still am today. 


I have a surety within me, that
Everything is going to be all right
That I'm reaching the end of these trials,
That I'm nearing the end of my night.

There is a sturdy growth of hope, happiness,
And joy that is budding from seeds within my soul
There is a metamorphic rock of renewed faith
Being unearthed for all who will, to behold.

As the dawn breaks, because
Night time is o'er
My soul rejoices because
My troubles will be no more.


Six Years Later - Answer to Surety

Have learned to speak to souls, myself included 
Words of encouragement and of comfort
By using the gift that has been granted me
I never thought that being a poet would
Be my retirement destiny
Yet, I love doing it because writing words
Of inspiration is a gift that sets men free
And I am so glad that this is one of the gifts
That was handed to me.


Not Much (Poem for Today)

It does not take much
To have a loving touch
Just do to and for your fellowman
What you would do or want to be done for yourself
If you found yourself in situations as such.

Poetry Pondering:
  1. Take the poem above and make it into a cinquain or a senryu or both.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

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