Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Good morning, all. You know it has been nearly six years since I published my first poem on my blog!  I went back to my very first post on my blog for today and guess what? I was a bastion of optimism then and still am today. 


I have a surety within me, that
Everything is going to be all right
That I'm reaching the end of these trials,
That I'm nearing the end of my night.

There is a sturdy growth of hope, happiness,
And joy that is budding from seeds within my soul
There is a metamorphic rock of renewed faith
Being unearthed for all who will, to behold.

As the dawn breaks, because
Night time is o'er
My soul rejoices because
My troubles will be no more.


Six Years Later - Answer to Surety

Have learned to speak to souls, myself included 
Words of encouragement and of comfort
By using the gift that has been granted me
I never thought that being a poet would
Be my retirement destiny
Yet, I love doing it because writing words
Of inspiration is a gift that sets men free
And I am so glad that this is one of the gifts
That was handed to me.

  1. Define surety.
  2. Explain the following phrases: nearing the end of my night; metamorphic rock of renewed faith Use one of them to tell of a life experience that you have had.
  3. According to the second poem, have troubles ceased for the writer? Substantiate.
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