Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Blessing Is Coming Your Way

You know when your storm is finally over and you get the full implication of the blessed cessation of the storm, you thank the Lord. And you thank Him and you thank Him don't you? Uhm humm-m, but there is where we usually stop isn't it? Depending upon the severity and duration of the storm, we might tell others about the goodness and greatness of the God that we serve, right? Uhm humm. 

Well, today I want to talk for a brief moment or two about what to expect when you have finished going through a megastorm or a, as the weather people say, a supercell.   Just as the LORD was with Joseph throughout the various setbacks in his life and with Job during his, HE will be with us, too. (Read Genesis 39:2-6; Genesis 39:21-23; and Genesis 39:39-46) Here is the sweet spot of dealing with a supercell. After the storm is over, then the insurance company comes in and makes things better by replacing the material things lost and alleviating your worry about providing for your family. That is if you had the presence of mind to take out insurance and keep the payments up.  The underlined phrase above means it was necessary have become the Lord's child and have kept your faith in Him throughout your storms. Here is the beautiful part. Just like Joseph, Job and a myriad of others were rewarded for their faithfulness with blessings galore, so too, will we be. That is my firm belief.

So,  don’t be surprised when you get your blessings when you stay faithful to GOD for HE will, “Work things out for your good” (Romans 8:28). Start making some preparations for those blessings, if by doing nothing else, but preparing yourself mentally. I must confess, I have been blown away by some of the blessings that I received after some of my supercells have ended. It gives further credence to that old song that says, "You can't beat God's giving, no matter how you try." I know that this song was written in reference to giving of time money etc, to the Lord and His subsequent blessings. But I am speaking of the giving that He has done for mankind (His Son) and His knowing us so well, that He can satisfy us to the very fiber of our being! How Swee-e-et it is to be loved by God! I just love being loved by Him and I love trying to love Him back!

Y'all, be blessed.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones
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