Monday, February 6, 2017


"EVEN THE VERY HAIRS OF YOUR HEAD ARE NUMBERED!" Good morning, all! You have often heard it said, "Not to sweat the small stuff." Well, I want to tell you today not to sweat the "stuff" small or large. You keep stepping on because it is not over until God says it is over!  So, you keep stepping on. Here is a poem crafted for you today in keeping with the theme for today:

We will see what's going to be
She/he had always said, "Whatever will be will be"
What she/he meant was, "Ultimately"
When she/he lost her/his job, she took in sewing/he did mowing work
But she/he thought this, too, shall pass 
What she/he meant was, "Ultimately"
When the house burned down
When the car was wrecked
Through the years of her/his joys and tears
She/he always rested on, "Ultimately"
One day, when asked just what that meant to her/him
She/he replied that all of the in's and out's of her/his life as a sheep
Rested in the hands of the Shepherd
He put her/him in the sheepfold
Or took her/him for a foraging stroll
Lion nor bear nor anything else dared bother long
Because she/he was a part of the blessed throng
...And she/he lived her/his life with that assurance in mind
Until they came to chat with her/him only to find...
That she/he had at long last reached "Ultimately."

Then, you rest.

DWICWIC (Doing What I Can, While I Can),
Grammy Alma Stepping On Jones

We will finish this thought on Thursday.
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