Thursday, February 9, 2017


Since you have and maintain a strong faith in the Lord, you believe that you walk where God has chosen for you to walk because He sees and He knows. You also trust Him, no matter the terrain (where the path lies). You believe that God is faithful and will not lead you, His child, to unjust places and situations without a plan to bring you out. You allow the belief in the words, "If He brought me to it, He can bring me through it," to govern your every step. With the arrival of each new day, you think, "New Day Skies." You are always looking for a brighter tomorrow or today since it seems to be implied in the scriptures (Luke 12:7, Matthew 6:25-27, Isaiah 26:3, and Proverbs 16:3). The following is a poem written for your pleasure and interpretation:

Harvest Sky

Flying higher than birds have flown
Flying higher than she/he has ever known
Flying, flying, flying higher than high
For she/he has gone
To that sweet by and by
To reap the harvest in the sky.

Until then, you can pray a prayer similar to the one below because of your faith in the faithfulness of the Lord.
Oh Lord, You looked down in the corner of the world where I dwell and came to see about me to make sure that I was doing well and I thank You! In Jesus' name, Amen.

DWICWIC, (Doing What I Can, While I Can),
Alma Stepping On Jones
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