Thursday, January 5, 2017

Piqued Interest

Hello, everyone. Here, again I have posted what I put on my FaceBook page this morning.

Hmm-m-m... Interesting. I received a message yesterday asking me if I were originally from Trinidad. Well, you know me; that piqued my interest. Why would that pique my interest, you ask. Okay, I will tell you. The word "originally" and the word  "Trinidad." Someone reading this is thinking, "What in the world is she talking about, now?" Ha ha I pegged you right, didn't I? Tee hee nothing to it, really. It is the law of averages. You throw a statement like that out there and somebody is bound to react just the way you did. It's as simple as that, takes a little bit of thinking, that's all.

Now, to get to your next question, if you bothered to read this, at all, "How did those two words pique your curiosity, Alma?" Good question and that is what I want you to tell me. Hey! You can put your brain on it and enjoy the intrigue of it for a moment or no. One thing you can say is that I made you forget, even for a millisecond your cares and issues. And who knows; that may have been my purpose anyway, for you that is. Now, for some of the others of you, you probably are enjoying the brief time that it took you to surmise an answer to my question. All in all, Facebook family, a good exercise for all. Why do I say that? Oh, come on! Well, you can figure the answer to that one out as you figure out the other.

Oh yeah, remember the jar that I told you that I started in 2016 to put all of the super good things in that happened to me during the year? Well, I opened it. Come on back and read with me tomorrow and I will tell you what it contained.
Ta ta for now...

Oh! I almost forgot to mention, if you have a headache from this post, good, because that simply means that you are growing brain cells. "Say what?" Yep, that's right. Look it up if you don't believe me.

DWICWIC (Doing What I Can, While I Can),

Alma Jones

P. S, _ See you tomorrow, folks if the Lord wills.

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