Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Oh Lord, My God

Good morning, my blog readers. 

Father, we thank you for your tender
Mercy and your loving care
Lord, we thank you for being mindful of us
And for tending us when we are in despair.

When our world is reeling and we
Find no consolation within
We thank You for guiding us through sweet remembrance 
 Leading us to Your thrones feet and 
For removing every encumbrance.

When the walls of our fortress of comfort
Have been hauled down
Thank You for being the God 
Who holds us in Your hand just like
You did the Israelites in the days of old
When You thundered with Your voice and said, "Behold!
These are mine and you will touch them not
For I am their Maker and they are a people to Me
Back up, Oh man, for I have chosen them above all humanity"
And then to show that You meant just what you said
You fixed the oppressors a watery sleeping 
Place on a bed in the depths of the sea
Oh Lord, my God, we, each one,  are so thankful to
Be able to say, "My Father, the Creator of heaven
Is mindful of me!"

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma L. Jones
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