Friday, January 6, 2017

First Snow of the Season

Hello, everyone! It is snowing in my part of the world! This is the first snow of the season and I am so excited about it! If it gets deep enough, I am going to bounce out into it and make a snow angel. Remember the one that I made a couple of years ago? Well, I aim to do a repeat performance.O love snow! Especially when I do not have to get out in it unless I want to. Oh, jolly good joy! Well, that is enough of that, on to today's blog.

Remember this jar that I told you about
Well, the other day I took the lid off
And poured its contents out.

I won't share with you all of what it did hold
But I will say that remembered joys did unfold
For nestled within my treasure trove 
Was the single biggest gift that on me
Had ever, by a human, been bestowed.

Now that is all I am going to say about that...
You might want to start your own jar for 2017
Because the presence of that little jar will 
Remind you of all of the great blessings that
A particular year did bring!


Alma Quote:

So that you know
Your circle of friends will get smaller as you grow
Life tends to weed out the haters...
So that you know.

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma L. Jones
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