Friday, January 20, 2017

More Than, Even I, Can Imagine, Finale

Alright, here is the conclusion of the blog that I started on yesterday. Yes, Good morning to you, too. Sometimes I am in such a hurry to write that I forget the common niceties, such as saying, "Good morning." Please forgive my oversight. I hope that you are doing well and your loved ones, too.

This foot of mine is giving me a fit with painful throbs but that is to be expected, I guess. I will be glad when it heals up completely. It's been one week today that I had the surgery done, but I have lived every one of those minutes and hours very much aware of this foot. Still, the Lord has been good to me and if it is His will, this too shall pass. I just remind myself that Solomon said in the book of Ecclesiastes that there is a time under heaven for all things. I figure that it was time for this foot pain of mine and then I step on. (I highlighted the previous words in green because green on most traffic signals means go and I wanted to remind you and myself, as well, to go, to keep moving forward in our faith and on our journey for the Lord no matter what circumstances bring.)

Another thing that I need to mention, as I am passing over this territory, is that I have been noticing many of you being very concerned about the election that was just held in the United States. What you have to remember is that leaders come and leaders go, but the will of the Lord covers all things. As long as there are praying and Godfearing people in these United States, everything will be okay. Now, if we push aside that same set of people mentioned above, then trouble will brew aplenty. So, wherever you live and in whatever conditions, remember to have faith in the Lord and to keep that faith at all costs, for God sees you and He cares. Don't forget that I mentioned a few blogs back that the very hairs on our heads are numbered! That is an awesome thought.  (I highlighted the previous sentence in pink to give it a rosy tint to remind you to take that thought with you as you go forth on your travels for the Lord. That is my way of giving you a little traveling 'music' on your journey for Him.) Yes, ladies, He sees when our hair starts to thin and men, you too. He sees you slicking that one or two long strands of hair over that bald spot on your head and you know what, He does not love you any less for it.  He is faithful.

You see; back when you thought you were all that in a bag of chips (if you ever did) He knew then that your hair would thin one day and that your knees would one day be wobbly. How did He know? Easy, He made you and formulated the plan for your life! But remember, He loved you then and still does now. So you hold that thought to yourself and be comforted that all will be well. Go Back and read one of my favorite scriptures,  "All things work together for good for those that love the Lord. Romans 8:28" And then, you step on.

I realize that I am being quite lengthy with this blogging session, but I want to cover these points as they come to my mind, so I keep adding more and more to my post. (I am going to go ahead and post this so that you can read what I have written so far. I am working on the rest as you read this part. I will tack the rest on when I finish today.) Thank you for your patience.

Let me take you back in my memory a bit. I remember a story (make-believe) that I read as a child about a magic pot that made stew upon command. This pot was so fabulous that the owner never had to go hungry again. I remember thinking when I was a little girl how wonderful it would be if pots such as that one were real. Now, that was the mind of a child back then. At the time, I had not heard the story of Elisha and a prophet's widow who only had one jar of oil in the house. (I am posting this as soon as I get a portion done so as to not keep you long in suspense about where I am going with this post... Am back at it again. I was interrupted by a lady that needed a pair of sympathetic listening ears and you know me by now; of course, I obliged. She is feeling quite a bit better by now... Still, it never ceases to amaze me how unkind people can be.) Now, where were we? Oh yeah, the oil.

Now that I am an adult, I have heard the story of the widow with only one jar of oil several times. She had a problem and took it to someone who could do something about it. When she took her problem to the God-fearing man, he told her how to use what she had. She did and then acted on faith when the man of God told her to gather many pots, not just a few. So, what did the widow have in her possession?
  1. Faith in God - Belief
  2.  One jar of oil – Used what she had.
  3. Friendship with a God-fearing man – “Prayers of the righteous availeth much.”

She ended up with more than she thought was possible. She wanted enough to keep the creditors from taking her sons right then but Elisha made sure that the problem was taken care of and that she had enough for herself and her sons to live on. So, I said all of that to say this:
  • ·       Cultivate friendships with Godly people. The widow did and you see what it brought to her.
  • ·       Never let go of your faith. That keeps you securely fastened to the Lord.
  • ·       Don’t be afraid to ask the Lord for your needs and some of your wants. You may be rewarded with more than you ever imagined.

I do believe that He will give you what you ask, according to His will, in faith. At this juncture in my life, I have learned to live and let live while trusting in the God of my salvation to see me through all my tomorrows no matter what kind of skies they bring.

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma L. "Stepping On" Jones

B.P.S. - And don't forget; green means go!

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