Saturday, January 7, 2017

Now What?

You made it to the new year, now what?
You had all of your plans made just so and you have just had a major setback, now what?
You know; we all get hit with unforeseen circumstances from time to time, but such is the nature of life. However, the thing that separates us from the permanent losers is how we handle those setbacks, detours or direction-changing blowups.

You see, if we could have the benefit of a built-in crystal ball, then we would not be hit with unpleasant things like setbacks, traps, derailments, etc. But we have not been equipped with such.  Now, you might wonder why the Creator in all of His meticulous planning for our lives did not include a built-in crystal ball. Well, what we have to do is look at what He did include as intrinsic tools for use to use. One thing we have as mortals is the ability to look for somebody who can handle situations that come upon us that are just too big for us to do anything with. If you are like me, you look to the Crème de la Crèeme, the Best of the Best. We are good at ferreting out the best person for a particular position but we can be stubbornly obtuse when it comes to looking to the Supreme Problem Solver. You see, it seems that we have been schooled into thinking that it is not okay to go to God with trivial things. Well, let me ask you this, "How trivial is it to know the number of hairs on a person's head?" Uhm hum-m, I see that you begin to get my drift. If He knows the number of hairs that are upon your heads then He knows everything that there is to know about us. In fact, He knows things that you do not even know about yourself! Woo! That thought takes some getting used to doesn't it? He has further told us that He knows what things we have need of before we ask Him.

Uhm Humm. I said all of that to say this, "When you come to the crossroads of 'Now What' turn to Him and keep trusting and keep stepping." I have found in my life that, if I but trust Him, He will take all of my issues and make them of no account to me. He takes my cares and concerns and makes them light as He teaches me to look past them to Him. Then I can say like so many saints have said, "He will provide!" Then my "Now what" situation becomes a "Now Him" situation.

You have made it into the new year, good! Now determine that you are going to do more for Him than you have in the past because you are not going to allow yourself to be distracted by the occurrences of traps, pitfalls, etc. One last thing, remember that "His strength is made perfect in our weakness." Learn to save yourself undue stress by taking it all to Him and allowing Him to handle it, whatever your "it" happens to be. Then you can shine for Him like you never have before!

I did not see this one coming this morning but that is when I do my best work, it seems. Be blessed and learn to stress less in 2017 and give it to Him. He is waiting for a lot of us to acknowledge the fact that He is the Omnipotent One, for remember that He cares for you.

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma L. Jones

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