Thursday, December 22, 2016

In Keeping

Good day, everyone. I have several things going on in my life at this moment, what with the Christmas season and all. So, in case you have not noticed, I have invited you into my home for a few moments or so, at a time. I usually talk with you from the setting of a blog in my study area, but then and again, I include you in others areas of my home/life. Yesterday, I invited you into my kitchen to smell my cookies as I baked them.

Today, if I can manage it, I will show you the cute little wreath that I managed to find in our town florist shop, LuluBelles. It is quite charming, as is the town of McKenzie, TN, itself.

For my cooking today I am making potato soup and another blackberry jam cake for people that have requested them. Tomorrow, I will start on the baking for my own home. But, I won't complain because I love it so.

Well, have to run, gotta put in 15 minutes practice on my piano. Yep, I am new at this but I have always wanted to play.

Be blessed and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

We have had a bitter cold front to come through my part of Tennessee and temperatures were abnormally low. In keeping with that theme, here is a poem that talks about the cold in a different way. Enjoy.

I asked what I would have
You gave it not to me
You made me wait for better things
That You knew that my life would bring.

In Your infinite wisdom You 
Taught me how to trust
Because You knew that I needed
To develop that trust in order for me
To traverse the next leg of my journey 
Into which I would soon be thrust.

For that and all of the events and happenings 
That have come together to make me a Woman of faith, bold
Thank You for keeping my feet to the fire
Because in doing so, you got me prepared
For the times when life would be cold.

Poetry Musing:
  1. If there were a lesson to be learned from this poem, what would it be?
Alma L. Jones

Will have to attempt to post the Christmas wreath later. The battery on my iPad is gone down too low to remove it from the charger right now. Maybe on tomorrow. We will see...
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