Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Good morning, everyone. I have finished my writing for this morning. I had a very productive day on yesterday and will tell you more about that on a later date. Enjoy the poem that I whipped up for you this morning. 

Cookies are on my itinerary this season
I make cakes galore and am quite proficient
In the task; so, I am sort of surprised and I
Don't understand this penchant for baking
Cookies: I wonder what could be the reason?

Who am I kidding; I know why I want to do
Cookies or anything else that has to do with preparing meals
I love the challenge of cooking so much because
It stirs my creativity and allows me to keep in touch
With the inspirational person within me
By allowing me to express through my hands
Yet again, the exact way that I feel.

If I just sit down and think for just a moment
I can spin a poem that is light or deep
It is a gift that I have been given and 
It is one that I hope that I can keep.

In that same way, I can look at a list of ingredients
And think about what would make a certain
Dish palatable to me, then the next thing that
You know I am off to my kitchen to give my
Pantry a look see
So that I can make the meal/dish that has gotten
Its hooks in me.

Chopping My Row,
Alma L. Jones

Don't forget to BYDWP. I am on my way to get my tea now.

Say what? Oh, so you want to know what kind of cookies I am going to bake? Almond Joy, lemon, and am going to make some chocolate pecan turtle clusters candy. That should push this Christmas baking season along; don't you think? Be blessed! 

Oh yeah, just to keep it healthy, I am going to prepare a cornbread salad. Yummy!

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