Friday, December 23, 2016

Icing on the Cake

Good Friday morning to each of you!  Whew! I was so beat when I turned in last night. But, I got the last cake done and all I have to do is put the icing on it this morning. Then I will make a run and deliver it to its owner. Hmm-m-m, icing on the cake. That sort of makes me think.

I think that we could use that terminology in reference to our lives. Look at it like this. Let’s say that each thing that we do within each year that we live makes up layers of the cake of our lives. Now, let’s say that toward the end of our lives, when we are trying to get our house in order, that we are more conscious of what we do and what we say. I heard someone say that toward the end of life, we start looking around the bend for what is next while looking back trying to make sure that we have cleaned up any messes that may still linger. You could say that our final acts are like icing on a cake. When you cook (if you do) you want the icing to look good and taste good on your finished baked product. The same can be said about our lives.

I was about to finish this little blogging session with a poem all neatly wrapped up for you. But nope, I have changed my mind. I want you to do the poem instead! Ha ha That got your attention, didn’t it? Tee hee I want you to build me a poem around the thought that I have presented to you today. No, you cannot have me doing all of the thinking for you all of the time. Every now and then that thinking teacher raises her head in me and I come up with what I have just suggested. Okay, hop to it; let’s see what you come up with, huh? Ipe! Ipe! Ipe! None of that type of language, you hear? Tee hee and no, the last time I checked I was in full possession of all of my faculties. If you don’t stop… oh, oh, oh! You are making me hurt my side with laughter. Ha ha Thank you. I needed that this morning. BUT, the assignment still stands. I cannot wait to see what you come up with! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Well, you must admit, I opened your sleepy eyes this morning and you haven’t even had your coffee. I’m good, aren’t I? My Gran Gran (my adopted grandmother) used to tell me, “Sister Alma; you is a mess wit yoself!” She usually said this when I had her in stitches over something that I had just said. So, it is nice to know that I have not lost my touch. Tee, hee, hee

Still thinking and spreading a word of encouragement and laughter,
Alma L. Jones
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