Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hearing Caress

It's Christmas Eve where I live and I imagine that it is Christmas Day, already, where some of you live. As I said on my FaceBook earlier, He is the reason for ALL seasons! So! Good morning! I won't ask you about the poem from yesterday. I can tell from your responses that some of you are still working on it. No problem, we will visit the poem again after the holidays, okay? I have my bird in the dry brine and am about to put some white beans on. Potato soup and cornbread salad are already done. Have to candy some sweet potatoes.

Now, about the title for today, it conveys a warm meaning, doesn't it? Good. That is exactly what I wanted it to do. "Hearing" has reference to the fact that the Lord is always available for our prayers; we have but to ask. That is a comforting thought. Following right behind that thought is the knowledge of His faithful love. He loves us so much that He, not only sent His Son to save us but sends tender hugs through friends, acquaintances, and sometimes through strangers, to us today. That is why you will hear me say that I am wrapped up and tied up and tangled up in His love.

Join me in giving Him thanks for His presence in our lives, won't you, "Thank You Dear Lord for Your healing caress."

Alma L. Jones

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