Monday, December 26, 2016

Plumping Up the Pilows

Thinking like this has earned me the nickname of, "Pollyanna." And that's okay; you know why? To me, it says that people see me as a person who can see the best in a bad situation and one who will do her best to MAKE the best of it.  I look at it like this. Let's say that we both made our beds and they are made the same, but there is one big difference. You choose to be bitter and complain while I choose to plump that bed of mine with pillows of hope, faith, and trust. I do believe that if I work those pillows just right with stitches of love here and there, that I can work those pillows into a comforter of optimism. Now that makes my bed lay easier. 
Just something to think about as we head toward another year.

You have only six days to finish putting positive things in your jar. Then we get to open them and remember the sweetness that touched our hearts and souls at a particular moment in time!

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