Friday, December 16, 2016



I have done a tribute poem to my Mother, Lula M. Carr, gone these 14 years.

A Christmas Tribute to My Momma

Have learned to use Christmas memories
That were made with you in the past
To sustain me and hold me fast.

For the treasures that you built with care
Warm my heart and caress my soul
When I open the love box in my mind
That, so long ago, you placed there.

When my pain and my longing become fierce
Your sagacious words of tender love
My melancholy, will often pierce.

You built a fortress of love that has withstood The test of time and is standing still
Kudos to you, Momma, for giving me
A refuge for my lessening but recurring 
Walks past grief/melancholy hill.

For when my longing for, "My Momma"
Threatens to drown me in sorrow
A silvery peal of the bell of remembrance 
Serves to remind me that you told me
"Now baby, Momma's gotta go now, but these
Words of mine and the love we shared
Will keep you, in Jesus' name, until 'Tomorrow!'"

                                            -Thank you for my fortress

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